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Inspiration for content your client will LOVE

Where to go to find ideas for your newsletters, blogs, and videos.

Brainstorm topics

My proven method for generating 6 months of content ideas.

Editorial Calendar

Plug all those ideas into an organized Editorial Calendar so you can send newsletters consistently. You have a plan!

Why You Need an Editorial Calendar

And how to fill it with great content!

Having an editorial calendar full of content that your ideal client is looking for will:

  • set you up as an expert in your field
  • remind people that you exist (you stay top of mind)
  • help you feel organized, confident, and empowered
  • allow you to express your creativity
  • give consistent value to your client

You’re meant to tell your story and provide value to people. Having an editorial calendar with inspired content will make it happen!

About me

I’m Terra Milo, Marketing Strategist and Your Computer Girl.

Besides being a Computer Girl for more than 20 years, I’ve launched more than 30 offers, and I love learning about pricing strategies, marketing, and even money blocks. And I’m an entrepreneur and coach, like you!

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