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I can help you create a powerful business that is impactful, and long-lasting.

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    Marketing Strategy | Business Analysis | Project Management

    Hi, I’m

    Terra Milo

    I work with businesses to create strong, sustainable brands.
    (Sustainable means environmentally responsible but also long-lasting.)

    Why me?

    I’m good at stepping into your clients’ shoes and understanding their needs and desires.

    I totally nerd out about spreadsheets, organization, analysis, and efficiency. I’m obsessed with simplifying things to save you time and money.

    And I’m a problem solver. I see holes that are losing you clients, and opportunities that you didn’t know existed.

    My intuitive, thoughtful approach makes me fun to work with.

    See for yourself.

    About Me

    I’m passionate about sustainability and empowering people who help make the world a better place.
    And I walk the walk. 

    Work with Me

    I’ll research the marketing trends so you can stick to what you’re good at. Together, we’ll create something simple and actionable to help your business succeed.

    Let's talk

    The quickest way to find out if we’re a good fit is to talk. I’d love to know more about your business and you’ll learn about my style.

    The Blog

    I’ll keep it simple so you can focus on sales

    This is a fun story, because I got to really put on my thinking cap. My client Barbara came to me with a big puzzle. It went like this: https://youtu.be/yhboXTlIazs She's a content coach who mainly works with people 1:1, but she created a weekly co-working...

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    Pose Like This

    After my photoshoot a few months ago, I shared some photoshoot tips in a group of entrepreneurs and on my blog.  One of my best tips is to make a folder in Instagram called “pose like this.” You can save photos you love in that folder and then pull it out for...

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    Latest Zoom Updates

    There's been a lot of confusion around the latest Zoom updates so I made a video to show you what's up. https://youtu.be/JHWraH78MGo Here's the scoop... people were joining random meetings, so Zoom increased security and added a password to every meeting. The good...

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    Free Website Reviews with Paid Session

    Because we're all feeling stressed about coronavirus and I want to give a little something to my clients, I'm giving a free Website Review with all paid sessions starting in April through June 30. When you book a session with me, either a Personal Webinar or a...

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    Weird timing, but we learned something

    https://youtu.be/TEqgA1Q86gs My friend Niamh and I launched our video series, despite the world feeling a little upside down right now. ⁣ I’ll be honest, the numbers weren’t good. 😣⁣ We considered delaying the launch until things settled down. (Niamh even wrote the...

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