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Marketing Strategy and Support

I work 1-on-1 with coaches and entrepreneurs to set up your online systems (websites, blogs, email newsletters, social media, etc), while I teach you how to do it yourself!
I’m so glad I did this. It feels better that I can do this myself and I’m not counting on someone else to do it for me. I’ve spent $50 an hour and stuff doesn’t even work.
I’m so glad you’re teaching this and not just saying ‘hire me to do it for you.’ That’s great if you have steady income and I plan on hiring somebody, but until then, I need to know how to do it myself and there’s not a lot of people out there showing you how to do this yourself. This is awesome. Thank you for doing what you do.” Kristen

Latest from the blog

How to Have More Links in Instagram

My favorite tool for Instagram links used to be Linktree, but they got shut down and flagged by Facebook/Instagram, so they're no good anymore. A better solution... make your own "links" page! Here's how. Create a page on your website. Put links on it. Use Google...

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How to Get Captions on Facebook Videos

Common question: How do you get captions on Facebook videos? Here's how. Facebook will actually generate captions for you, and it does a pretty good job. Edit the video, click Subtitles & Captions and then click Generate. You can read through the captions that...

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Legal Love © Announcement

Funny story… one of the things my clients compliment me on is my legal documents. It sounds crazy, but it’s true! My legal documents stand out because they’re written in plain English so they’re easy to read. They may not be sexy, but legal documents are all about...

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When people talk about passive income…

When people talk about passive income, like you get to sit back on the beach and the money just flows in, it sounds great, right? But I actually like working with people. I like working 1:1 and teaching people through small courses. Of course, I want a little extra...

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How to not feel icky when you send a sales email

You know I adore you, right? I believe in you. I know your business is here to make a big difference in the world. That’s why I have to hold you accountable to something. Your newsletter. When is the last time you sent a newsletter to your subscribers? They signed up...

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Loosen Your Bootstraps

When you start a business, you pull up your bootstraps and do the hard work, often alone. And you do as much as you can for free. Often that means spending hours on google and YouTube, trying to learn how to do things yourself. (And we both know that most of those...

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Get my Free Guide to the best free tools!

Grab my FREE guide + video training about All the Free Tools you can use to launch your business on a budget.

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