start in the middle

Start in the Middle

As you know, your Computer Girl is not all about the tech — at least, not exclusively. I’m all about taking your business’s energy and helping you to transform it into something that […]

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Teaching My Husband About Funnels

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Chipotle last weekend, when I tried to explain funnels to my husband! Something that is so natural to me just wasn’t clicking with him, so […]

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easy wordpress pagebuilder

How to Make a Sales Page in 1 Day

Last week, I wrote and designed a sales page in one day. Just one day! (And then I did it again… another sales page in one day!) Since sales pages are kind of […]

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apple store

No Stupid Questions

I went to the Apple Store yesterday to ask a “stupid question.” Do you ever do that… ask a computer person what you think is a stupid question? I gotta tell you something, […]

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