Flashback to My First Webinar

I remember the first webinar I hosted. It was 2013 and I was still working my full-time job and studying to become a health coach. My fellow coaches wanted to learn how to […]

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bw terra milo centered brick wall

Now Accepting VA Clients

My mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to use their website, send newsletters, and master social media. But once you’ve learned how to do these things for yourself, you might decide that you […]

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When Efficiency is Inappropriate

I don’t even know what to say or do right now, but I do know how inappropriate it would have been for me to send a newsletter this week. With everything that’s going […]

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That’s a Distraction!

I’m in the middle of writing and editing an article for a magazine. (I told you I’m going to be published, right? I manifested it!) Since I have a big project to focus on, […]

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stop hating facebook

Stop Hating on Facebook

I used to complain about Facebook, and how they make us pay for people to see our posts. I’ve seen the same complaint in a lot of Facebook Groups, including my own. It’s […]

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Why I Talk About Confidence

Why do I talk about confidence so much? Mostly because people can sense it. When you know your stuff and you’re sharing it powerfully, people know, and they trust you. Feeling nervous is […]

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