I’m calling you out. I see you. There’s something you’ve promised yourself: you promised you’d do something meaningful for your business by the end of the year.

You promised you’d make real progress.

You’d write those newsletters and schedule them.

You’d hold that group program you’ve been envisioning. You’d launch your course that’s been “in the works” forever.

Well, it’s time to face up: we’re at the end of 2016 and guess what? No, you’re not outta time but if you’ve been putting it off for so long, chances are, you’ve got something else going on under the hood.

Reasons you’re avoiding launching? Oh, there are a ton of them and, trust me, I’ve heard ‘em all (and I’ve said some of them too):

“Once I have that tool, I’ll be able to launch.”

“Once I take that course, I’ll be way more qualified to run my own.”

“I’m only productive in the evenings but I’ve got my kids running around without a moment of peace to focus!”

“There are like a million other, smaller things I should take care of before I start this big project!”

Shiny Object Syndrome. Procrastination. Whatever has been holding you back, I bet we can boil it down to something simple: fear.

Yep, that little critter again. So, how do you get over the fear of putting yourself out there?

I’ve got 5 easy breezy beautiful tips for ya:

1) Dance like no one’s watching…because chances are, no one really is

When you’re starting out…when you’re starting to put your writing out there, when you’re beginning to build a list, connect with your tribe or launch your program, you’re in the best position you could be in.

Believe me.

Because no one’s watching. And once you understand this, it’s quite liberating. It means you get to offer your work to others, put your stuff out there and learn from it without a big ol’ spotlight being shone in your face.

So…next time you’re freaking out, get over it: dance like no one’s watching.

2) Every attempt is getting you closer…to juuuust right

Remember Goldilocks? I really liked her for one big reason: she refused to settle. No beds that were too hard, no chairs that were too small and no porridge that was too cold would do.

Take a page outta this babe’s book because, minus messing with bears, sister’s got the right idea!

If someone unsubscribes? Great, you’re one less person-who-wasn’t-perfect-for-you closer to having readers who are yours, completely and perfectly.

Don’t settle! You have to know that every newsletter sent, blog written, or course launched gets you closer to making the next one an even bigger success.

It’s not just the feedback that you get that’s invaluable. It’s the sheer repetition! Once you’ve done it, you know you can replicate it again. And, each time, it gets a little less scary and, “magically”, you get better at it.

3) Use imperfection like a finely-honed skill

Imperfection is so underrated. But, thanks to brilliant women like Brene Brown, we’re talking more than ever about the gifts of introverts (ahem, *raises hand*), the strength in being vulnerable, and the advantages of imperfection.

First off, perfection is not some destination (pssst, neither is happiness). Yet, while happiness is a state of being and mind, perfection is this awful carrot-and-the-stick routine we put on ourselves.

Forget that!

Instead, harness your imperfection. Because it’s way more human and more relatable. To launch your program or course, or hit “schedule” on your batch of newsletters, you don’t need to “feel ready” or “make it perfect.”

You just need to do it. And revel in the feedback and human connections you make when someone emails you to tell you how what you put out, in all its messy imperfection, was exactly what they needed to hear.

4) Under-promise but over-deliver

You may think that before you put your “stuff” — your voice, your expertise, your biz — out into the world, you need to have already arrived. You need to be some Amazon-Wonder-Woman version of who you are now to feel legit.

But the truth is, we’re always learning and we’re always in progress. You are enough where you are right now.

One way to squash the fear that comes from launching and releasing your work to the world is to make sure you what you’re promising, saying, creating or advising on matches your level of expertise. And this expertise matches where your target market is right now.

For example, if you want to someday offer five-figure, 1-on-1 coaching packages in the form of intensive retreats, start where you are right now.

This means you can begin with a 5-person or 7-person group coaching offer. Throw in lots of support, ample opportunity for feedback and community building. Make these bonuses, in addition to what the program already entails.

Eventually, you’ll be able to take what works and leave what doesn’t. That five-figure, 1-on-1 coaching retreat won’t be a pipe dream. But only if you take action starting where you are.

5) It’s not set in stone

One of the most forgiving things about running an online business today is that nothing is forever. Nothing is set in stone. Information overload and the pretty steady, short-lived life-cycle of most online businesses practically guarantees that.

But even when businesses “fail” or only hear crickets, it’s not over. It simply means there’s a chance to shift focus and come back with a better offer, a launch that’s better planned, a marketing funnel that’s smarter.

Programs not selling out are not a failure. They’re an opportunity to learn what didn’t work and come back stronger than ever.

Look, here’s the truth of it: fear is always going to be there. These 5 tips are useful to help you proceed despite it and to help you put fear into perspective. Do it scared!

The worst thing you can do is drag out the process.

Planning, fretting, worrying, scheduling, planning some more, thinking, trying to back out, re-writing your website, asking for critique, going through beta tests, more planning, more revising — sure, it may be useful…but guess what?

In the process, you’re not actually making any money.

And a business is not a business if it doesn’t make any money — that’s a hobby.

Instead of “beta” tests, I’ve cultivated a system of “fast launches” — like how about, launching in 3 days — and it’s netted my clients five figure profits in launch revenue.

Yep, you read right.

launch-in-3-days-update-thumbWant to learn more? I’m breaking down the whole process for you in a webinar next week. You’ll see exactly what you need to do to launch your program quickly.

Rip the bandaid off and get it out there!

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