Your Business Strategy

You may have learned about business or marketing strategy in a course or coaching program, but how do you apply that to your own business?

That’s where I can help!

In just one hour, we will talk about your own business and how to build a marketing plan that feels good to you. Not a cookie cutter plan… something that is unique to your business. We’ll create a strategy that is authentic, heart-centered, and effective. Best of all, it will be simple and repeatable!

We can strategize

  • how to automate and streamline your business
  • your welcome/sales funnel
  • your perfect opt-in gift and follow-up sequence
  • a webinar that will dazzle your ideal clients
  • how to grow your email list
  • and anything else you want to improve

Your one-hour session is $159. Schedule your session below and we’ll talk soon!

P.S. After your session, I’ll also make a follow-up video and checklist for you and/or your VA to implement our plan.


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