WordPress sucks!

Now, before you grab your pitchforks, listen up. I actually use WordPress and I like it.

It sucks because everyone thinks they NEED to have a WordPress website. It is the gold standard, and there’s a reason everyone says that.

But you don’t need a WordPress website! You need a website that works for YOU!

WordPress is overwhelming and intimidating, and you should probably hire a designer. That’s enough to keep people from launching their business. I actually used Weebly for a long time because I like it. It’s simple and fun. And I’ve encouraged a lot of my clients to do the same.

Stick with what works and remember: WordPress sucks. It’s NOT the best thing in the world if it keeps you stuck.

My recommendation

  • WordPress, with the U-Design theme
  • Squarespace
  • (I don’t recommend Wix. They don’t have any support and there are a lot of formatting problems.)

Here are the tools I wish every entrepreneur used. They’re easy and elegant.

Should you use WordPress or Squarespace?

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