Why do I talk about confidence so much? Mostly because people can sense it. When you know your stuff and you’re sharing it powerfully, people know, and they trust you.

Feeling nervous is different. People are understanding and supportive when you’re nervous. Think about when you gave a speech or held a workshop and you confessed to being nervous. How did people react? They didn’t spit their gum at you. They comforted you because they could tell you were about to teach them something really awesome and you just got nervous. We’ve all been there.

And when you started sharing your message, you became less nervous, didn’t you? You spoke powerfully and with compassion.

That’s confidence!

You perform better and you offer your best stuff when you feel good about yourself and believe in your message.

Now, I have a secret for you. My main mission here is to instill confidence, not computer skills. The computer stuff is the vehicle, but confidence is the destination.

When I follow up with my clients and they tell me how much they love writing their newsletter now, I celebrate with them, not because of the newsletter itself (although it is fabulous), but because of the joy in their voice!

When you overcome this BIG block of technology, you realize that you really can do this. You can be a powerful online business owner. You can reach people and help them achieve a transformation. You can do anything you put your mind to!

I have to confess something else. I don’t feel like I’m a confident person. (They say you teach what you most need to learn. That’s me.) I know I can do this computer stuff, but beyond that, when people tell me I seem confident, I’m stunned.

But every day, little by little, I overcome my blocks. I learn from my teachers and reflect on my work and realize that I can do this too. I really can.

What I do is pretty unique, teaching people online marketing and computer skills one-on-one, and it’s important to me because I’m actually facilitating a transformation for you around confidence!

I can’t let my self-conscious “stuff” stand in the way of that.

spirit junkie webinarSo I invite you to check in with your blocks. Gabrielle Bernstein, one of my favorite teachers, is offering a video training to help you overcome your blocks. It’s free, and you can sign up right here.

I just got back from her Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One training and I can tell you, the shifts that happen when Gabby speaks are BIG. She helped me uncover some of my blocks, and I know she can help you too.

Sign up here for her video training.

And if you want a little taste of my transformational magic, book a strategy session with me. We’ll chat about your project and how I can support you. I love helping my fellow coaches and entrepreneurs take their mission to the world!