Wait. That title is wrong. I was going to write a very “business-y” post about why webinars are so good for your business, but I just couldn’t get through it. It didn’t feel authentic. Here’s the thing. I love hosting webinars.

They’re actually fun!

my desk after webinar

What my desk looks like after a webinar! lol

That’s why you should host webinars. Not just because they’re great for list-building or fostering a relationship with your ideal clients or setting yourself up as the authority, but because they’re fun. All of those other things are true, but for me, they’re not as important.

Now, I’ll admit, the first time you host a webinar, you’ll probably be a little nervous and think it’s the very opposite of fun. I know I felt that. (When you’re hosting a webinar, it feels like you’re talking into space and you have to just hope that people can hear you. It’s pretty surreal.)

But I assure you, after you get into it, you get past the awkward introduction that you hope is not too long and not too short, and you get to the heart of your topic, it’s exciting on a whole new level.

And then you get the feedback. OMGoodness, the feedback!

People really feel a genuine connection to you as the host of the webinar. You invite them into your space and take them on a journey of possibility. They see what it could be like to feel healthier, improve their relationships, manage their money better, grow their business, or host their own powerful webinar. 😉 They see it because you are right there with them, showing them how they will feel when they take action. And the feedback they give you just makes your heart sing.

Have I convinced you that webinars are fun?

I hope so because I’m hosting a webinar (yay!) about how to host webinars. And I’m actually going to get into some of the techie stuff that goes along with webinars. I’ll show you how to use Google Hangouts on Air (aka YouTube Live) and Webinar Ninja. And I’ll show you what you need to do before and after the webinar to make the biggest impact.

You can sign up for this “webinar webinar” right here. It’s Wednesday, July 20, at 1pm Eastern, and it’s going to be FUN!

Now, that title I wrote is still relevant. If you’re wondering about the 6 Reasons to Host a Webinar, I’ve actually created an ebook for you! It includes those 6 reasons, plus the story about my first webinar. You can grab that ebook right here.