Why I Delete Followers » Terra Milo

I do a funny thing on Instagram, but I think it helps my business and it could help yours too. I delete followers! Here’s why.

Engagement creates more engagement, so if you have 10k followers and only 20 likes per post, that’s .2% engagement.

Instagram will think that you’re not posting content that your followers want to see, so the algorithm will stop showing your content to your followers.

If you have 100 followers and 20 likes on your posts, it looks a LOT better to the algorithm because 20% of your followers like your content so they’ll show your posts to more people.

So I delete followers who are CLEARLY not connected to my brand and will likely not interact with my content.

That means cat accounts, sugar daddies, and “follow for follow” accounts get removed.

As soon as someone follows me, I can see if they’ve already liked my content and I can see if they are my ideal audience. If not, I remove them as a follower. (I don’t block, just remove.)

Keep the % in mind and remove people who likely won’t engage. You may have smaller numbers, but they are more real and you’re more likely to reach the eyes of people who need you.

I’d love to know if you do this and if it makes a difference for you.

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