I’ve been on a list-building mission for a few months now. It’s had its ups and downs. There were things that worked and things that didn’t. Facebook ads, for example, always come in handy.

To figure out what works and keep doing only that, I check in on my numbers every couple of days. Recently, I noticed something that surprised me. When I re-traced my online steps, though, it totally made sense.

But it was still a huge “Aha!” moment..

I’m just going to spell it out for you and then break it down, okay? Here goes:

When I stopped “trying” and started just being myself, my list grew.

So my big advice to you is, “don’t try so hard”.

What I mean is this: over that past week, I was getting burnt out from all the groups I had been posting in, all the ways I had been trying to connect with others about my services and attending webinar after webinar was just time consuming.

All the gurus were telling me that I needed to find the people who had the problems I could solve and deliver my expertise.

AAAANH. Wrong. You know what happened when I posted about my webinars or freebies to try and help someone with the specific question?

A big fat nothing, that’s what.

But because I was so exhausted from doing this, I just stopped looking for Facebook posts where people were looking for help with their computer stuff.

I decided to take a little break — and you know what? Things started happening.

I started commenting on anything and everything that interested me, whether it was relevant to online marketing or not. I genuinely cared and really engaged with people I both knew and didn’t know who wanted to celebrate their latest victory or get support.

(The internet, like life, works in mysterious ways, friends. You never know who’s around the corner, clicking around, looking for just what you’re offering.)

And they signed up.

crazy girlWhen I just started expressing myself, they got curious. They looked at my fan page. They found my website. They joined my list.

It was amazing! No ads needed. No scouring through posts to “offer” my expertise. I didn’t have to wonder if I was “giving it all away for free.” I just showed up, made a human connection — without an agenda! — and it worked!

Today, I invite you to let go of the “need” to serve, and just be you. Let it be easy and maybe do something your mother would frown upon — don’t even try!

Jump in and help people, even if you’re not trying to sell anything. (Especially if you’re not trying to sell something.)

Try it for a week and let me know what happens. If nothing, you’ll feel as inspired and alive as I did in the moment of connecting with others on the same journey. At best, though, you’ll come away with some real gains in your list.

Now that is definitely worth the effort — but the beauty is that it won’t even feel like “effort”.

Your week starts now!