Weird timing, but we learned something » Terra Milo

My friend Niamh and I launched our video series, despite the world feeling a little upside down right now. ⁣

I’ll be honest, the numbers weren’t good. 😣⁣

We considered delaying the launch until things settled down. (Niamh even wrote the “we’re pausing the video series” email.)⁣

But then the comments from people who watched the first video rolled in and they were amazing! 😍⁣

Our intention with the video series was to give people something positive to think about and to teach you about hosting a challenge as a way to serve your audience and grow your business. ⁣

That’s exactly what is happening!⁣

People are loving it. They’re feeling inspired and thinking of ways to serve people during this tricky time. 🌟

⁣Someone even said today “If there was ever a time to start a challenge, it’s now!!”⁣

We’re not going to postpone the videos! ⁣

So, if you’d like to join the video series, sign up below.

If you’re making an offer to your audience, be patient and flexible. We’re changing a few things and trying to chill out about the numbers. ⁣

How are things going for you? Are you seeing a change in your business? I really think things will get better once we adjust to the (temporary🤞🏼) new normal of social distancing. ⁣

In the meantime, stay happy and healthy and connect to each other online. 😘⁣