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When you follow my “webinar replay links made easy” formula, your fans and followers will easily be able to join the webinar and access the replay afterward, without you having to send multiple emails with updated links, yada yada yada. They’ll get it all with ONE link!

Last time I hosted a webinar / Q&A call, I forgot to do one of my very favorite tricks, so to help me remember next time, and to show you what it is, I made a video and a step-by-step guide.

This process makes everything super easy for you and your viewers! (And you’ll look like a tech pro!)

Set up your webinar links, step by step

  1. Grab your webinar link from Zoom or wherever people will join live
  2. Open your website
  3. Create a link and name it something like “watch-automation-webinar”
  4. Paste your Zoom link (or whichever platform you’re using)
  5. Now you have a link that looks something like terramilo.com/watch-automation-webinar
  6. Paste that link in your reminder emails – anywhere people will click it to join the live call
  7. Add a note in those emails that this will also be where they’ll access the replay
  8. After your webinar, upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo
  9. Go back to your pretty link and replace the live call link with your video replay link
  10. Test it!
    • When you click on terramilo.com/watch-automation-webinar it should go to the webinar replay page so they can watch the replay
    • (bonus points for embedding that video on your own website with a call to action button)

Now, anyone who clicked your pretty link will be able to join the live call or watch the replay, using the same link! They won’t have to email you to ask for the replay and if they accidentally click the live webinar link after the webinar has passed, they’ll be able to watch the replay and get your great information.

Do you love this trick? I’ve got more automation ideas up my sleeve.

Connect with me and let’s see how we can improve your client experience together.

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