Last weekend, I spoke at a business retreat! The retreat was held in Seaside, Oregon, right on the coast. It’s a beautiful, rocky coast with vast beaches and big waves. (And a lot of rain, but I actually like rain!)

Talk about a dream come true. I set two big goals for this year: to travel for work and fun, and to speak at retreats and conferences. I checked both boxes this weekend!

I made a recap video on my Facebook page.

Allie Kloster of Green Sparrow Marketing hosted the Revamp Retreat. She’s a social media consultant who I hired a year ago to help me with my own social media strategy. (I help others with social media strategy, but sometimes I feel too close to my own business to see the gems in what I do. Allie helps with that.)

Allie’s strategy is to plan your social media posts for 1-3 months and schedule them! Then, you can get on social media to interact with people, but you don’t feel the pressure to come up with a brilliant post every day.

I spoke about how I make videos that connect with your audience and feel very authentic. We kept it super simple — the key is to have good natural lighting. That’s all you need. The background doesn’t matter and people are really looking for authenticity and connection.

I’ve been making video for a few years, but I really learned how to simplify that process when I joined my friend Niamh’s video challenge. (Hint: She’s doing a short video challenge soon, so keep your eyes peeled so you can join us for the challenge.)

Here’s the crazy thing I do with video: I make a video and upload it immediately, without watching it first! Uploading them immediately stops the creativity-killing perfectionism and keeps the whole process simple and fun.

At the retreat, we did the coolest goal-setting exercise using mandalas! We wrote our goal in the middle and then added supporting information in the other layers of the mandala.

We also learned some relationship advice to make sure our partners understand and support our business. The key there was to criticize less and really lead with our hearts, instead of our minds. When you follow your heart, your dreams become so much easier and more loving.

Lorrie Thomas Ross of Wild Web Women (I love that name!) talked about how to identify where you need support in your business, and how to get it, so you can be happy, healthy, and wealthy. She was stellar!

In business, we might need support around Marketing (creating content, blogs, newsletters, etc), Operations (client service, technology), and Admin (bookkeeping, invoicing, scheduling). Chances are, you need support in one or more of these areas. I know I do! It’s perfectly normal and we can’t do it all alone.

We also had an exclusive screening of Dream, Girl, an independent film about female entrepreneurs. Have you seen it? It’s so inspiring to see women of all ages taking the reins and creating a life they love. We’re making it happen!

Overall, it was so nice to take a step back from my usual routine, meet some inspiring women, and recharge my batteries. And it was SUPER fun to speak about one of my favorite topics and have such great feedback from my talk.

Your turn!

Comment below and tell me your goal for the year and how you’re going to make it happen. I know it’s possible.

P.S. I definitely manifested this speaking gig! My mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas is running a manifesting challenge and has an awesome manifesting course to go along with it. This stuff is LIFE-changing! Take the challenge here and know that I’m sending you all the best wishes!