launch in 3 days for web 590x394I just helped a client launch in 3 days and make $10k!

It’s funny because the first course I created when I started Your Computer Girl was called “Launch in 3 Days.” It was designed for health coaches who were selling a cleanse or detox program.

On day 1, we talked about creative tools to design marketing elements.
Day 2, we built the sales page.
Day 3, we set up the autoresponder sequence.

It really worked and so many coaches were able to get their program up and running, and make sales!

Fast forward 3 years and I helped my client Dana launch a group program in 3 days. And she made $10k from it!

I keep saying $10k. Let me address that quickly. I know everyone is talking about making 6 figures and it’s getting a little controversial because it feels out of reach. Here’s what this means

  • She reached her goal
  • She is helping people change their lives
  • She is a health coach who is making things happen
  • We, as a society, use numbers as indicators of success because it’s an easy way to measure progress
  • You can do it too.

You really can launch in 3 days.

Of course, you may need a little support and some background work in order to make $10k, but it’s possible.

Right here and now, I’m showing you exactly what we did to launch in 3 days. What tools we used, how much time it took, and how we pulled it all together.


Opt-in freebie
You’ll want a good opt-in freebie that provides high value to your clients, and gets them to take action. It sets you up as an expert and gives people a taste of your work.

Dana’s current freebie is a 4-day Mini Cleanse. She has used that, along with consistent newsletters and social media posts, to grow her list.

Share your opt-in freebie everywhere!

  • post it on social media
  • share it in your newsletter
  • encourage your followers to share it with their friends.

Consistent action is crucial!

To build your list fast, you should run Facebook ads to your opt-in freebie, but there was a snafu and we couldn’t run ads. We had to depend completely on her email list and social media following.

Follow-up sequence (aka. launch funnel)
After people get the opt-in freebie, you’ve got to give massive value, all the time. Dana doesn’t currently have a funnel, but she writes a weekly magazine and sends other tips and stories in addition to that!

People are hearing from her often, and that’s the key.

Create urgency
In the pre-launch email, she mentioned that her program only has 20 spots available. That created a real sense of urgency and fear of missing out (fomo). Everyone wanted in! (hint: I’ll share some urgency strategies soon)

Benefits-driven sales copy and email
After delivering high-value content for months, listening to what her clients want, and crafting a program that she wants to offer, Dana wrote her sales copy email and sent it out. She had eager buyers just waiting to buy. They were ready!

Then she told me the plan: “I want to launch my group program on Tuesday. Can you help? We’ll need a membership site, branded documents, emails, and group calls.”

This was on a Thursday. By Monday, everything was ready! Yes, I took the weekend off.

launch in 3 days 1

Day 1 – Sales Page

Her site is built on WordPress, but in this case, she launched directly from email and Facebook! Here’s how:

  1. Make the offer
  2. Schedule Breakthrough Sessions with potential clients
  3. Send a follow-up invoice to enroll people in your program

No sales page was needed, but I created one in case people were sneaking around on her site and found it by accident. It briefly described the program and directed people to the Breakthrough Session calendar.

Visual Composer
I love drag & drop templates and customization, so the Visual Composer plugin is one of my essentials. It makes creating pages fast and easy.

When you don’t have a lot of time, keep it simple and use reliable tools that help you get the job done.

launch in 3 day 2

Day 2 – Membership site and Documents

Membership plugin
I’ll admit, I don’t use a sexy plugin like OptimizePress or Wishlist Member. To keep things really fast, easy, and inexpensive, we used my favorite (non-sexy) plugin. and Zippy Courses for my membership sites, but in this case, we used WPeMember to make it really fast and keep her branding consistent.

Your membership plugin will create a username and password for members so they can log in to your site and get their materials. That’s it!

(Psst… grab the checklist below for this and all my other favorite tools for a fast launch.)

Create documents in Word or Pages and save as a PDF
Easy peasy. Don’t overdo it on design. People who want your course are ready for transformation. Pretty documents are nice, but to launch quickly, just get it done.

launch in 3 day 3

Day 3 – Autoresponders + Payment

MailChimp for newsletters, sales email, and autoresponders to welcome new clients into the program

We set up autoresponders to welcome new clients, and we use Campaigns to send updates and new materials throughout the program.

Again, stick with what works.

Integrate PayPal and MailChimp so that people are automatically added to the list
If you’re using a sales page (which is totally possible and I suggest doing it) you can insert a PayPal button so people can buy on the spot and be immediately added to MailChimp so they receive your welcome email and program materials.

Yes! You don’t have to wait by the computer and add people manually. It all happens automagically!

(If you use the WPeMember plugin, you can sync it all together so that people sign up and get their login details and are immediately added to the MailChimp list. It’s like a triple automation!)

I’ll show you how to integrate PayPal and MailChimp right here.


Wrap it all up (Post-launch)

Group Calls
I like Google Hangouts, but if you want everyone to be able to talk, I suggest or GoToMeeting.

Facebook Group
Dana has a Facebook Group to keep everyone accountable and continue to provide value. She posts in there daily, and encourages her group members to post too.

Here’s the best thing about group programs. These amazing women all support each other. One of them mentions a struggle and three people jump in with suggestions. It’s beautiful to be part of that connection and support.

Wow. I’m blown away by the work you’re all doing in the world.

I just had to gush for a second. Ok, a tip about Facebook Groups… use magic hashtags to keep everything organized and provide extra value. Check this post for details.

FREE Launch in 3 Days Checklist

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