I was at an event last week and I thought of you, coach. Next to my table was a Vitamix table. I asked them if I could do Vitamix demos as an affiliate and they said yes. That’s so cool!

If you have a Vitamix, you can go here to sign up for their affiliate program. Then, host events to show people how awesome the Vitamix is. I make everything from smoothies to soup to hummus and even cookie dough dip in my Vitamix! It makes cooking so much easier.

vitamix-betterAs an affiliate, you’ll make some extra cash. And you can do what I’m doing… tell people about your free shipping and offer one of your services as a bonus.

What kind of Vitamix demo have you hosted? Or what could you host? Post in the comments and we can all brainstorm together.

Bonus: If you don’t have a Vitamix yet, and you want one (of course you do!), you can buy it through my link and save $25 on shipping.

Double bonus: to thank you for using my link, I will give you my Blog Superstar workshop! That’s right, I will give you my favorite workshop if you buy your Vitamix using my link. Here it is. So, get your Vitamix today! And start blogging like a superhero tomorrow. 😉