Just for fun, I’m working a seasonal job at Don Drumm Art Studio and Gallery in Akron. They have a unique collection of artwork and other creative pieces.

Near the front desk is a box full of mom-mentary (think “commentary from your mom”) stones. They say things like “don’t chew your fingernails” and “we love you.”

magic wordsOne of the sayings popped out at me immediately… “Use the magic words.” I realized later that it was referring to “please and thank you,” but when I read it, I saw “Use the *magic* words.”

I’m thinking of magic words like abundance, energy, vitality, transformation, joy, and love. The really magic ones. The ones that make you smile or bring a little twinkle to your eye.

We could use some more magic words in our lives, couldn’t we? More warmth and love, peace and understanding, generosity and appreciation. More magic!

It can be as simple as complimenting someone, or saying “thank you” when your friend does something nice, or even giving yourself some love by reflecting on something inspirational you’ve done in your life.

Take Action Now!

Write down your magic words and put them in your pocket. Carry them around with you and reflect on the joy you receive by using the magic words. And then call your mom. 😉