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I’m a word girl. In addition to my computer nerdiness and marketing obsession, I have a master’s degree in English Literature. So I love thinking about words and the way people communicate.

magic wordsA few years ago, I worked at an art studio and saw something that caught my eye. It was a little stone that said, “Use the magic words.

It probably meant “please” and “thank you,” but I saw MAGIC words. Words like inspiration, abundance, transformation, and love.

Reflecting on these magic words, and my love of social media marketing, I decided to start using some magic hashtags, and use them strategically!

I also found a great use for hashtags on Facebook.


Hashtags started on Twitter, but they’ve been adopted and popularized by Instagram. My favorite hashtags are geared toward attracting my fellow entrepreneurs and instilling ideas of empowerment, confidence, and fun.

hashtag notes


Here’s my strategy: I post a photo and I describe the story behind the photo. I use one or two hashtags in the initial post.

Then, I open the Notes app on my phone and insert a few asterisks vertically, and then I start with the hashtags. You can only have 30 per post, so be strategic and use the magic hashtags that will connect you to your ideal client and gain followers.

  1. Click on the note and “select all,” then “copy”
  2. Go to Instagram and click the comment bubble.
  3. Paste your hashtags in the comment box.

You’ll notice that your description shows up, but the hashtags are hidden. It just looks a little cleaner that way. People can still see your hashtags, but they have to make a little extra effort.

Take a look at this example Instagram pic.

To get really social, which is kind of the point of social media, click on some of the hashtags in your post to find other people who post similar topics. Like some of their posts and maybe even follow them. That will get people curious about you and bring people back to your Instagram feed where they can like and follow you.

Bonus tip: Quotes are really popular on Instagram because they’re easy to share, so share quote pictures and you’ll get lots of likes, shares, and followers.

Facebook Groups

I’ve recently realized another use for hashtags! If you’re using Facebook groups for your group cleanse, or even a free group for networking and list-building, you can use hashtags to organize your posts.

Use your group name at the beginning of the hashtag. If you group is Brag Party, your # would be #bragpartybrag or #BragPartySuccess

fb hashtagsFor example, if you post recipes in your group cleanse, use the hashtag #recipe so people can click on it and see all of your posts about recipes. Bam!

If you run a free networking group and post similar themes like #sellyourstuff or #postafreebie, use those hashtags so people can always find those posts.

Tell me…

Have you ever bought something from someone because of their Instagram account? I’ve purchased things from a few local people!

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  1. Lots of great useful info in this one! I need to figure out which are my “Magic Hashtags”

    • Yes! I think anything food related. I had so much fun brainstorming hashtags with you during the AMA! You can create a unique one like #burninbeak and other people might pick up on it.

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