Up and Running


Are you afraid of your website?
Does a little email monkey keep you up at night?

Overcome your fears and get your business off the ground!

Plenty of people offer to create your website, and I could do that too, but don’t you want to be able to update your website whenever you want? I want to put YOU in control of your business!

As we learn how to build our business, we’re introduced to so many opportunities and things we “need.” Things like a Facebook business page, PayPal, autoresponders, Twitter, Mailchimp, and more. It’s overwhelming because we think we need to have this all in place NOW in order to get clients. I want to break it down for you and take you through these opportunities step-by-step so it makes sense and you can get it all done and keep your sanity.

Each class will include a thorough demo and homework! You can share your work in a Facebook Group to get feedback from me and your fellow coaches. I will hang out in the Group from noon-2 pm (Eastern time) on Thursdays to answer questions.

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Terra Milo is just what every new health coach needs…expertise at an affordable price. Since I am not a techie it takes me hours to figure out what ‘the computer girl’ can do in minutes. Her classes showed me that I,too, can do collages on PicMonkey, edit my IIN website by changing themes and adding pics and side bar items. My confidence has risen when I sit down at the computer to do work on my site. Terra explains it plain simple so I could understand. She also showed us how to do as well. I’ve enjoyed her classes and look forward to attending others. — Athena


Each class will not only give you the technical know-how, but also business and marketing tips I’ve learned through business coaches, my tech-nerdy research, and through my time as Marketing and Digital Media Specialist for The University of Akron.

You’ll get all my secrets so you can get more clients!

The live class is done, but you can buy now and take the class ON YOUR TIME.

You will receive the first class today, and then a new class will be emailed to you every day for 7 days.
(If you use Gmail, be sure to check your Promotions folder.)

Cost is $229 for classes. (It would cost over $400 for me to do these things for you.)

Take the workshop and take control of your business!

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  • 6 calls — 2-3 for brainstorming, designing, outlining content, and 3-4 for implementation
  • 5 hours of VA time where I’m reviewing your materials and creating documents, making edits
  • create a content calendar for promotion – blog posts, social media posts, and video topics
  • create a content calendar for the program – daily or weekly emails, and the content that will be included
  • automate the payment system so that people who buy your program automatically receive the materials – without you having to do anything
  • email support between our sessions
  • quick fixes and troubleshooting
  • accountability check-ins
  • personalized training videos so you know exactly how your program works so that you can maintain it as long as you want and make updates along the way

Use this program to

  • take what you have and create a streamlined, evergreen program



  • Class 1 Creative tools to design beautiful online marketing
    Includes tools for designing banners for social media and emails, editing photos, creating videos
  • Class 2 Create an Editorial Calendar
    Includes customizing your sidebar, creating new pages, adding PayPal, and more
  • Class 3 Design and send your newsletter
    Includes creating your list and signup form, designing beautiful emails, autoresponders
  • Class 4 SEO
    Includes setting up a sales page, autoresponders, hosting a kick-off call, marketing, and more
  • Class 5 Streamline social media
    Includes integrating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, email campaigns, and your website
  • Class 6 Marketing like a pro with Computer Girl’s favorite tools
  • Class 7 YouTube videos
    How to add videos to YouTube and embed them on your website. Also, how to create an image of a YouTube video (a screenshot) and link to it from an email.


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