This one started with a brand » Terra Milo

I’ve never started a project with branding before, but this was different.

It’s not exactly a business with a problem to solve. It’s an expression of me and my passion.

The “problem” is that I want a hobby and I want to talk about sustainability. I think I have a unique voice in this field and people want to hear from me.

So I started a podcast, but it started with the branding.

First I made the logo (which is the inverse of the colors of my terramilo logo).

Then I created the website.

My last photoshoot was still very relevant, so I used those photos to create the podcast art and the mood of the website.

Then I started making episodes. I recorded two with just me, and then a few interviews.

I created templates in Canva for Instagram posts and Stories. The templates will make it easy to create consistent artwork for each episode.

All of it is built around the branding. The problem is woven into it, but it’s less obvious than the problem I solve with my business.

I have to admit, it was so fun and refreshing to start with branding. It gave me a fun creative outlet. Even unboxing the microphone allowed for a good photoshoot.

The brand and the problem flow and intertwine, but it all started with branding.

Did your business start by solving a problem or with a brand idea?