After the winter we’ve had, I just love seeing the sun in the sky, leaves on the trees, and green in my garden.

Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield-Thomas

This girl rocks my world. Seriously. All of her programs are so worthwhile. I bought her Mega Manifesting Bundle, which included 2 of her audiobooks and a lot more training sessions and meditations.

One of the books alone – Get Rich Lucky Bitch – was worth the price! I’ve already started seeing results after implementing some of the strategies.

She teaches you how to manifest abundance into your life by being grateful, positive, and generous. And she talks about overcoming money blocks, like thinking rich people are evil. (How can the universe make you rich if you think rich people are evil? Not gonna happen!)

Less than one week after picking up her book, I manifested prizes, free stuff, and I made a financial goal I know I can reach.

Check this out. I listened to Get Rich Lucky Bitch on a mini road trip. When I reached my destination, I used the techniques she mentions in the book and I won a prize! No kidding! I told the universe I wanted it, and I got it! Then, I started putting her other advice into action and I have manifested:

  • $64 from an old bank account
  • $100 savings at the dentist
  • got reimbursed for vet care (worth $180)
  • got an extra bottle of water out of the vending machine (I know bottled water is terrible and I never drink it, but I just had a massage and I needed the water. The universe agreed with me.)
  • $22 in found money that was just laying around my house

That’s more than $350 in saved and found money.

This stuff really works! So, check out Denise and become a Lucky Bitch like me!

If you have issues around earning big money, think of it this way. We are putting GOODNESS into the world and the universe wants us to live well for it. You’re not serving anyone by being poor. Trust me, I’m not obsessed with money, but I want to be able to support local entrepreneurs, give to charity, and live without stress. When she talked about being rich so you can save the rain forests, it brought tears to my eyes. This is about being good, generous, and grateful, not greedy money-mongers.

I can honestly say finding Denise was one of the best things I got out of B-School. Want a taste? Try her free Pricing course.

(Please use my affiliate link – you know I only share things I actually believe in.)

December update: Her Mega Manifesting Bundle is available until Dec. 17! (It’s her Christmas Bundle and contains all the great materials I received in June.) Sign up today!


It’s fruit season and I just love the figs! So delicious. So weird. So sweet.

Mmmm… I love them.

Univision Deportes

UnivisionUnivision Deportes is the Univision channel’s app for sports and it’s the only way I can watch the World Cup online! It’s in Spanish, but at least I can watch the game.

They say one of the best ways to learn a language is to watch it on TV or listen to the radio. So, I’m hoping to learn a little Spanish while I watch.

I’ve been destined to be a soccer fan my whole life, from little crushes in high school, to photographing the women’s team in college, to watching the Euro Championship in Charles Square in Prague. When I worked at The University of Akron, our men’s team won the NCAA championship. We don’t have winning sports teams in Northeast Ohio, so this was huge.

So, I’ve set up Univision Deportes on my iPad next to my computer so I can watch the game while I work!

The Email Game

If you sit in your inbox all day, thinking you’re “working,” you might be just wasting time. I know I’m guilty! But, you can play the Email Game and get points for replying, deleting, and filing emails away to be answered later. It’s genius, and it could get you moving forward.

Try the Email Game and make some progress on your to-do list. (I realize this is in complete contrast to Univision Deportes, but I don’t care! lol)

Take Action Now. Choose one of these – Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield-Thomas, The Email Game, or figs and report your results here!