California Edition thumbI had a session yesterday with the founder of Burnin Beak Habanero Marmalade.

Full disclosure: she’s my husband’s cousin’s wife. I guess we’re cousins? Definitely friends.

She went for the 3-pack of Personal Webinars.

At first, I was a little nervous. I specialize in helping online entrepreneurs, not product-based entrepreneurs. I wasn’t sure what I could do for her, and I definitely had some resistance. It’s important to me that I do a good job for people.

But I love her product, and want to help, so we went for it.

She had a few goals: fix up the testimonials on her website, start sending email newsletters, and get more activity on Instagram.

Add testimonials to your website

First, we made the testimonials really stand out. They were pretty plain and didn’t catch your eye.

Tori had done her research and she knew that placing testimonials near the “buy” button makes people more likely to buy. It adds credibility to you and gives customers confidence in their purchase.

We jazzed them up a little bit and now they really stand out. Success #1.

Create an appealing opt-in freebie

Then, she wanted to start sending an email newsletter. I love helping people create opt-in freebies to grow their list!

Here’s the tricky thing: she has three “locations” – one in California, one in Texas, and one for online purchases. That means 3 lists. She’ll want to send newsletters to people in Texas to tell them about the Texas events, etc.

Texas Style thumbNow you know I love MadMimi for newsletters, and it would have been perfect, except for that online purchase thing. We want people who buy online to be automatically added to a list. So we’re using MailChimp for newsletters. It’s cool.

We’ll integrate the PayPal button with her email list so that her online buyers are automatically added to her list. Automation for the win!

Ok, so what did we create as an opt-in freebie? We used my new favorite tool, Beacon, to make two fun recipe books — one for Texas and one for California.

My hope is that people who live in California will get the California Edition, and people who live in Texas will get the Texas Style book and they will automatically segment themselves to the right list so they can hear about her vendor events in their area. (If they get on the wrong list, no biggie, right?)

To keep it simple, we grabbed some recipes from her website and added them to the ebook. Upload some images and call it done.

broadcastingWant a sneak peek at those recipe books?
I’ll be broadcasting on Facebook Live today at 1pm Eastern. Come chat with me about this project and get a look at these gorgeous recipe books!


Interact and get social

Next, we’ll add the signup forms to her website and talk about how to send newsletters. (She’s signing up for my free course to get 6 months worth of newsletter content!)

Last, but definitely not least, we’ll talk about how to grow her reach using Instagram and Facebook.

Online orders are a big part of her business, so she wants to spread the word outside her local area. She’s got dedicated customers from California to Ohio (one guy in Arkansas buys 6 jars at a time!). So we want to make it easy for people to find her business and get to know her product.

I know you want some… check out her website

She’s got a video of how she makes the marmalade. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

That’s what’s fun for me! Getting to know different people’s business and helping them grow. I had such a blast creating those ebooks with Tori. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Strategy for the win

This strategy works for all business owners

  • create a website that showcases your brand
  • add testimonials to build credibility and rabid fans
  • give lots of value
  • get social to spread the word
  • make the sale and treat your clients with love

I’m a wizard? Cool!

Tori sent me this email immediately after our session.

Such a great session today! Thank you! I got more than my money’s worth today. You spent over an hour with me, fine tuning the look of my website and creating some fabulous email marketing paraphernalia. What a wizard you are!

Looking forward to Monday and learning more about the ins and outs of using the marketing tools you utilized.

Wow! I love that. I was zipping around pretty fast to create the ebooks, but she stayed with me and I know we both had so much fun!

Want to try?

This is all possible for you too! Making quick changes to your website, creating an ebook for your opt-in gift, and syncing it all together so you can grow your list and start to send newsletters.

It all happens in the Personal Webinar, which you can find right here.

Take Action Now

Which of the strategies do you need to amp up? Do you need to add testimonials to your website? Increase your social media presence? Tell me in the comments below.