They say starting a business brings up all your insecurities. It sure does! There are so many scary things we have to do to maintain our business.

I did 2 of them yesterday!

What keeps us going? Is it the adrenaline rush? The thrill of success? The joy of checking another box on the ol’ to-do list? Or just necessity?

My scary things are connected to being seen and a deep need to do things perfectly. (Calling all perfectionists!) When we start our own businesses, we put ourselves out there as a trusted source and that adds a layer of pressure that can feel overwhelming sometimes.

But that’s the fun stuff! Meeting people, helping them, and receiving gratitude (payment) in exchange for our knowledge and experience. Those are what make business worthwhile.

Ok, enough of all that. Here are the scariest things I do in my business.



I actually love making videos, but it’s really scary at first. There’s a pressure to do it right because once it’s out there, it’s out there! You can edit blog posts if you have a typo, but videos are done and gone.

(It’s kind of thrilling!)

Now that Facebook has released their Live Video feature, we’ll be seeing a lot more videos. Bonus: with the Live Video, you can chat with me and I’ll respond live on video. It’s like Periscope, but you don’t need another app and another login. You can broadcast on your business page or your personal page.

Do you like my page? Go here and like it and chat with me as I’m making videos!

Networking events and promoting myself

about me funnyI’m highly introverted (despite my love of video), so networking events are terrifying for me. I normally decide to attend social events at the last second because if I think about it any longer than that, I’ll get super stressed out.

(Is that information overload? I just want you to know that anyone can be successful, even if social events make you run to the bathroom. Ok, THAT was information overload.)

Despite this fear, I went to a networking event in my hometown yesterday. I have one local Computer Girl client and while my first love is working with people online through a Personal Webinar, it’s been fun working in person. I’m ready for more of that!

Ask Me Anything

AMA your computer girl

Twice a month, I invite people to ask me anything about computer stuff — websites, email, social media, anything. And I answer on the spot and explain it step-by-step, click-by-click. That means, I’ve really got to be on my game!

During an AMA webinar, I figure out how to do things for you on your website, social media, and email marketing. We talk strategy and skills. It’s all essential for a successful business.

I’ve answered questions about

  • finding the perfect recipe plugin for your website
  • how to design artwork or even a logo in Canva
  • what a membership site looks like and different tools to create it
  • how to set up SEO
  • and more…

It’s fun and I love problem-solving, so it’s perfect for my personality, but the pressure of having to know everything for my paying members is adrenaline-pumping!

I invite you to try to stump me! You can sign up for the AMA Membership just $1 for the first month and ask me anything. You’ll get access to all the previous AMA webinars and all of my “topic” webinars.

What would you ask me about? Post your questions below and I’ll answer them on the webinar, and my members will see the answer. I have a feeling we’ll be talking about video next week… Instagram and Facebook videos both had major changes recently and they’re good for business (more about all that soon!).

Take Action Now

Tell me… what’s the scariest thing you do in your business? Will you use the Facebook Live Video feature? And of course, if you were a member of my AMA Membership, what would you ask me?