The Email Mistake I’ve Been Making for Years

I’ve been making a HUGE mistake in my business and I want you to learn from it.

For two years, I’ve been sending a weekly newsletter to potential health coaching clients that they love!

Every time I send, several people write me back and tell me how much it meant to them. That’s sweet.

But no one was buying my services! (Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but it feels true.)

During a Breakthrough Session, one person actually said, “No thanks. I’ll just keep reading your newsletter.”

WHAT?! That’s not how it’s supposed to work!! Talk about an expensive business lesson.

What did I learn? I learned that it’s ok to sell things early on. People want to buy. They don’t necessarily want handouts all the time.

Get your readers used to buying from you by offering little products like a $4 guide, $6 ebook, or even a $50 mini-course.

They buy, you deliver. Everyone is happy AND they see that you’re a dependable person who will deliver the goods. Next time you make an offer, they’ll be ready to buy!

Keep writing that value-packed weekly newsletter that your readers love, but don’t hesitate to make an offer. You do good work and you deserve to be paid for it.

What do you think? Does this ring true? Do you make small offers frequently or go from the free newsletter to the big investment?

Take Action Now

I want to know what you think! Comment below and tell me if this is true. Bonus points for telling me what you’re going to offer in your next email!

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