Greg and Terra talk FunnelsOh, to be a fly on the wall at Chipotle last weekend, when I tried to explain funnels to my husband! Something that is so natural to me just wasn’t clicking with him, so I thought I’d break it down so we can all see how funnels work.

He’s about to have a book published, and he’s working on his personal brand while trying to find a new career. He also has an idea for an artsy day-planner for students. But in order to sell these things, he needs to have an email list to promote to. Enter, the funnel.

Ok, so what’s a funnel?

The funnel allows you to attract a large list of followers who eventually become buyers. You have to attract them with a freebie, build a relationship, and then offer them something to buy.

Let’s use the day-planner in this example. It won’t be available for a few months, so he has time to grow a loyal following. And his book will be published in the meantime, so he’ll want to promote that too.

To grow his list, we needed a freebie to entice people to sign up. I thought, why not create a blank calendar with one of his art pieces on it. People can download it, print it off, and use it every day (and see his website at the bottom of the calendar, every day).

Each month, he can write a newsletter and give his list the new calendar. He’ll stay in people’s mind because his freebie has his branding on it, and the newsletter will remind people that he exists. Then, next July, he can start marketing his academic year day-planner.

He wanted to start telling people about the planner now. I love that enthusiasm, but we’ve got to do a little relationship-building first. And the product won’t be available for another year anyway.

Here’s how it all works

  1. We create a freebie, the calendar.
  2. Then, we create a list in MailChimp that people can subscribe to. (Yes, I use ConvertKit and I love MadMimi, but for new entrepreneurs, I still recommend MailChimp.)
  3. We attach the free calendar to the list, so that when people sign up for his list, they will get the calendar emailed to them.
  4. Each month, he can send a high-value newsletter to his subscribers with an updated calendar.

The trick will be promoting it. He will have students, other teachers, and “commoners” in his email list. (That’s his word for all the rest of us. 😉

We’ll use some segmenting in MailChimp to make sure his emails are relevant. Why? His book is about writing curriculum that is fun and engaging for students. It’s geared towards educators, so he doesn’t need to send updates about his book to his whole list — just to the educators.

And he will probably create a planner for students and a separate planner for teachers, so those will be two separate lists too. Both commoners and students will love the calendar!

The funnel guides people from the free calendar to the paid offerings — the book and the day-planner.

I hope this clears things up. The “funnel” sounds like a big scary thing, but it’s just a path. Funnels can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. But the end result is that you have built a relationship of trust and value with your potential clients.

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Take Action Now

Comment below and tell us about your opt-in freebie! (You may even get some new opt-ins.) If you don’t have one, think about your end product and create something simple but relevant.

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