I started taking swimming lessons this summer and I learned some incredible things about myself and my business. After investing (a lot!) in coaching courses and business coaches, just 5 swimming lessons and one conversation with my chakra teacher changed my life forever.

To give you a little context before we dive into this story, it was July. June had been the worst month for my business financially, and the worst for my self esteem as a coach and a business owner. I had injured my back 3 times, all because of stress! That’s when I started swimming lessons.

I was also taking the Chakredy Immersion course to learn more about chakra assessments. We were in week 6, the Throat Chakra.

The throat chakra is all about expression, speaking your truth, and being authentic. It connects deeply to the sacral chakra, which is related to feelings of trust and safety.

You need to feel safe in order to speak your truth.

If you feel like people will judge you or reject you, then you won’t speak up for yourself. That’s the connection for me anyway.

So I’m in my third swimming lesson and I just can’t seem to figure out how to breathe under water. (Here’s a hint: humans aren’t meant to breathe underwater. As usual, I was asking too much of myself.)

I said, “this swimming stuff is really bringing up all my trust issues.”

IMG_4940My very patient teacher tried to remind me that I’m safe. I don’t need to work so hard. Let the water support me. Just relax and don’t struggle so much.

Wise words from a 22-year old.

Later that day, I was on a live call for the Chakredy Immersion and my teacher Alexis was talking about that throat-sacral connection. I was really struggling with the throat chakra, as I always do, and Alexis said that the throat is constricted for many people because in a past life or somewhere in our ancestry, we died because of an injury to the throat. Maybe a hanging, choking, or drowning.

My grandmother drowned months before I was born!

That’s why I struggle with the throat chakra.
That’s why I’m afraid to speak my truth and express myself.
That’s why I make everything so hard.

That’s why I can’t swim!

The next day, I didn’t have a swim lesson, but I went to the pool anyway, to practice on my own. As I was doing the backstroke, I imagined inviting my grandmother into the pool with me. “I’m not going to drown, you’re not going to drown again, we’re safe here,” I told her. It was so peaceful.

When I met with my swim instructor, I let go of the struggle.
I stopped making it so hard.
I embraced the safety of the water, and of my own strength.

I’m strong enough to swim.
I’m smart enough to own my own business.
I’m ready to speak my truth.

This is who I am. I don’t need to resist. I am safe. I can stand in my truth, teach people, and spread my mission.

You’re safe too. The world needs to hear your voice. You won’t drown.