A couple weeks ago, I wrote to you about my life-changing swimming lesson. Many people wrote me to tell me how powerful it was. I’m so grateful!

When I discovered my throat-sacral connection, I began swimming with ease, and I also let Computer Girl back into my life. How is that possible?

My coach asked me, “what is the simplest thing you could do to get your message out there?”

“I know! I’ll create an academy with weekly videos, worksheets, guest teachers, and challenges. I’ll have a different opt-in every month and people can sign up for a month at a time, or the whole year.”

Whoa! Waaaaaay too complicated! We’re going for simple.

TerraUrban_052lowI reflected on my brilliant swim instructor who challenged me to relax, don’t work so hard, to go with the flow. I realized I was doing the exact opposite.

So I took a week off…. From everything! I quit eating sugar, watching tv, and checking Facebook a zillion times a day.

I didn’t even talk to my coach that week.

In this quiet time, I got back to my true self and it hit me… The simplest thing for me is to teach people how to spread their message to the world using my favorite (nerdy) online tools.

That’s where I shine. I inspire people to take action and launch their business. That’s where I’m in flow.

It’s truly simple. You have a question, I have an answer. I show you what’s going on and how to make it work. The best part is when you believe in yourself! Together, we de-mystify this technology so you can do it yourself.

As I became open to the possibility of teaching my fellow coaches and entrepreneurs about websites and newsletters, ideas and possibilities began to flow to me like water.

Take Action Now

So tell me, what is the simplest thing you could be doing to speak your truth and get your message out into the world? Where are you in flow?