I used to complain about Facebook, and how they make us pay for people to see our posts. I’ve seen the same complaint in a lot of Facebook Groups, including my own.

stop hating facebookIt’s a totally legit complaint because you like a page and you want to hear from them, but then you never see their updates — and you know that your fans are experiencing the same thing.

So we complain about the reach we get on Facebook. (When you can see that 15 of your 300 followers see your post, it feels like an uphill battle!)

But after talking to my coach about my frustrations, she invited me to not put bad energy out there about Facebook. She reminded me of my core belief: that technology is energy, and when you’re frustrated and angry, you’re putting that energy into what you do, including on Facebook.

My goal is to make my energy confident, empowering, and inspiring, not frustrated. So I had to change my mindset around Facebook, and I invite you to do the same. Don’t worry, I have some strategies to help you make the shift.

How to make peace with Facebook

Take a minute and appreciate what Facebook has done for your personal life. It connects us to people we want to be connected to. We get to make friends with people around the world and maintain those relationships easily!

In business, Facebook provides a free platform for us to get our message out into the world. They’re constantly improving and evolving the tool… for free! Take the new Live Video, for example. It’s so cool! And we get to use it for free, on our personal pages, business pages, and even in groups. (I did a Live Video about this topic a few days ago! See it here.)

Through this amazing tool, we get to build an online business that allows us the freedom and flexibility to live the life we want. That’s pretty amazing. And we don’t have to pay for it when we’re getting started!

The parallel between Facebook and coaching

I’ve realized a parallel between Facebook and coaching. Check this out.

We all know that people can google healthy recipes and workouts and even meal plans. They can find all the answers they need, for free, just by searching online. But if they want to really take action and achieve a transformation in their lives, they have to pay for our services.

They can get the answers for free, but to make lasting change, they have to invest in our programs. We deserve to be paid for that work because we’re providing that extra support around transformation. It’s a fair exchange of energy, right?

It’s the same with Facebook. We can do as much as we can for free. We can message people, participate in Groups, and post on our business page and even our personal page (sometimes), all for free.

But if we want to take things to the next level, we have to pay for  Ads. That’s it! We can do it for free, but if we want the big change… the transformation in our business, we pay for it. They deserve to be paid because their tool is amazing and it’s not free for them to build or maintain. Again, it’s a fair exchange of energy.

Have I convinced you to stop hating Facebook? Good! Now it’s time to take action.

Take Action Now

Give gratitude. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for around Facebook. Personally, in business, or both. Then, watch your energy shift around Facebook. Maybe your reach will grow through the simple act of giving gratitude!

And even if it doesn’t, your energy will shift. You’ll feel lighter and more joyful, and you’ll begin to put that positive energy into the world.

Write your 5 things in the comments below or in your notebook, and then watch how things shift!