Last week, we talked about what to do before you run Facebook ads (get super specific), and what to do after your ads (send them valuable content, consistently). This week, I want to talk about how to create your Facebook ads: specifically what NOT to do.

Funny thing about Facebook — it really likes positivity. In fact, if your ads are negative, they could be rejected!

I know. It’s so confusing. We’re taught to tap into our ideal client so we know her pain points. We’re supposed to show her that we know what she’s going through and how to make things better. So you hone in. You get really specific. You know her so well that when you think about her pain, you get a little choked up.

But you can’t do that in your ads!

You’ve got to stay positive in your ads.

rejected-fb-adHere’s an ad I was writing about that would appeal to my fellow introverts. You see the highlighted parts? Facebook pointed to those as being too negative and my ad was rejected.

So what do you do instead?

  • Visualize her future
  • Talk about results
  • Highlight the benefits
  • Tell her why you created this program
  • Hype up the positive results she’ll achieve
  • Ask a question
  • Show her she’s not alone

Use pictures and words to paint the picture of possibility.

My best writing tip: Have one person in mind and write to her. Just her.

Now, how do you make the actual ad? Like, the step-by-step things you need to do to get your ad in front of your ideal client?

That’s what I’ll show you in my new course, Pixel Me This: Facebook Ads 101. We’re going to dive right in and tackle the how-to, click-here side of Facebook Ads.

I know you’ve done the homework. You’ve tapped into who your ideal client is. You know exactly who to target. You’ve got the follow-up content to keep her engaged in your biz.

What you don’t know is HOW to make the actual ad.

That’s part of what you’ll learn in the course (scroll down to learn more of the specifics of what we get into in this course).

Now, I must admit, I struggled with the process of creating Facebook ads at first. I used AdEspresso (cost me a whopping $49 per month) to create my ads.

The result? I lost control of the process, wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and I still couldn’t navigate my way around Power Editor.

That’s when I decided to take my $49 and put it to better use elsewhere in my business. I muscled through and hacked Facebook Ads. I got brave and dove right into the Power Editor. I tried and tested, tried and tested. I used what worked and immediately eliminated what didn’t. One of the big takeaways for me, of course, was spending A LOT of time getting really specific on my target market. The rest you can learn and master — but your target market is what determines your success.

facebook-ads-courseDo you have $49 you can put to better use somewhere else in your business? Good. Then let’s save you some time — and money– and work through Facebook ads together. In this course, you will see, click by click, how to

  • Create your campaign so you can stay organized and track your results
  • Target your ideal client
  • Test different audiences so you can see which one is performing best (and stop throwing money into the wind, hoping it will stick)
  • Set up pixels so you can target with even more precision
  • Determine your budget based on your goals so you’re not wasting money
  • Analyze your results and make adjustments

We’ll even cover marketing strategies, copywriting tips, and image techniques the pros use.

Ready to start running ads? Get all the details and sign up here.