We’ve seen some fun new social media trends come out this year and I would love to see you take advantage of the new ways we can connect with our clients. Let’s cover two of them right now: Facebook Messenger Bots and Instagram Stories.

Facebook Messenger Bots

I resisted Bots at first too because it felt too automated. Once I started seeing them at work, I realized how fun and useful they are. You can really make a meaningful connection to your audience using Bots.

You can

  • Send people a free download during your webinar
  • Ask a series of questions to learn how you can best support them
  • Let them choose what kind of freebie they want from you

The possibilities with bots are endless! Not only that, but people who use them say that engagement is through the roof. You get more conversions and clicks with bots than you do with emails. It’s worth trying, right?

What’s holding you back? Is it the tech setup, or content? I’m here to help! I’ve created a Facebook bot that shows you how bots work. You’ll learn all about bots, using a bot!

Click here to sign up for my Facebook Bot and experience it for yourself.

Instagram Stories

The other trend is Instagram Stories and even Facebook Stories. You might be resisting (like me) because it seems like a Snapchat copycat.

But to me, Instagram Stories is sooooo much easier to use than Snapchat. (Raise your hand if Snapchat makes you feel old. *raises hand*)

The purpose is to give people a glimpse at your “day in the life” and build a greater connection with your followers, without having those often-imperfect images live forever on your feed.

If you’re resisting because of technology or content, let’s break that down. I have a free download with 10+ Instagram Story ideas to help you connect with your followers and give them an authentic experience while making it easy for you.

Grab that download right here and start telling your story.

My invitation to you is to dive in and try these new trends!

Try Instagram Stories for 10 days (get the download for ideas) and test Facebook bots by signing up for my bot to see what it’s like and brainstorm your own bot ideas.