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smarterqueue for social media scheduling

Do you use a social media scheduling tool?

At first, I resisted scheduling my social media posts because we all want to be spontaneous and authentic, right?

But authentic doesn’t have to be spontaneous. And coming up with something brilliant every day is a lot of pressure.

So when I decided to schedule my posts, I wanted a tool that would recycle posts so that I was always delivering great content to my followers, without having to put in a lot of extra work.

Smarterqueue lets me do that. I can schedule and recycle posts! It’s perfect. Then I discovered their analysis tool and I fell deeper in love.

Here’s a sneak peek at how I schedule content with Smarterqueue.

You can post to

  • Facebook – Groups and Pages
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

My process

Once a month, I create my social media posts and plug them into Smarterqueue. I simply add them to the queue and remove any that I think are outdated or stale.

Now I’m adding Pinterest to the mix and checking out what Smarterqueue can do for Pinterest and Instagram. It offered to analyze my Instagram account so I said yes.


This analysis is so in-depth and helpful. Check it out.


This analysis showed me so much fantastic content that I can pull out of the archives, dust off, and use again. And it showed me which hashtags get better engagement.

It inspired so much brainstorming that I have renewed energy and buzz around social media and content creation.

All from an analysis that I had access to this whole time!

Do you use a scheduler? If you’re intrigued and you feel ready to start planning, scheduling, and analyzing your content, check out Smarterqueue.

Use my link and you’ll get a free month to poke around and see how it works.

(If you go straight to their website, you’ll get 2 weeks free. But with my link, you’ll get a whole month and I’ll get some affiliate commission at no cost to you if you sign up.)