I have a really powerful tip for you today around filling up a group program.

A few weeks ago, one of my clients launched her group program. To kick it off, she offered discovery sessions so people could get on the phone with her and see if the program was the right fit. Last time she did that, she had a TON of no-shows.

Not only is that not worth her time, she was super-discouraged after that experience. I mean, who needs negative reinforcement, right?

This time, I suggested hosting an “Ask Me Anything” webinar and inviting everyone to join the call. That way, she just has to get on the phone ONCE, and she can answer 20 questions all at once.

It worked! Everyone who joined the AMA signed up for her program!

Here’s how it worked: she didn’t have a separate registration form for the AMA. She simply gave people the phone number and access code and told everyone on her list to join her for the call.

No preparation is needed for an AMA because you’re simply answering questions about the program that you created. You know it inside and out.

Now here’s a great hack that really helps you NAIL that launch: work testimonials into your answers. That’s a double-bonus because you’re answering the question and the testimonial is like social proof that your program works.

So, next time you’re trying to fill a program, consider hosting an AMA webinar! Let me know how it goes!