I drive a scooter! It’s like a Vespa. I love it so much… zipping around town, smelling the flowers as I drive by, getting great gas mileage. These small things just light up my soul!

Getting one has always been one of my “goals with soul.” But what I didn’t count on was learning some deep life lessons along the way. One lesson is about goals.

When you buy a scooter, they teach you how to drive it because it’s a little different from a car: all that two wheels vs four wheels stuff. I know. How hard could it be, right? But, as it turns out, balancing on a motorized vehicle is a lot trickier than those charming Europeans make it look.

If you look directly at the ground in front of you, you will crash. You have to look far out into the distance and also keep your eye on what’s right in front of you.

It’s the same with goals: focusing on the immediate tasks that require your attention or letting your ever-growing to-do list lead you is risky. You may end up sacrificing clarity and the big picture for the minutiae. Yes, the devil is in the details but goals work best when they’re tied to who you are and experiencing the things only you want. Your unique soul print, if you will. And, like riding a scooter, your destination is only half the picture — the system of driving is the other. And it’s true of goal-setting as well.

The truth about goals is that, once you understand what that big picture looks like and it’s 100% aligned with what you want, it’s the system or technique that gets you there.

Of course, creating balance is best (on the scooter and in life), by looking out into the future while thinking about what you need to do today to reach those goals. So, really, there are two levels of operation going on here:

Micro: be aware of what’s coming up

Macro: what are you aiming for?

Here’s the other cool life parallel. My scooter teacher said if you are looking at a spot and you drive towards it, you WILL hit that spot. You can stop on a dime, just by focusing on that dime.

So if I see a bump, I have to look at something else so that I don’t hit the bump.

And it’s true for life too: if you see something negative coming at you — a bump, an obstacle, a cliff, a glitch — deal with it and move on. But if you focus on it, you WILL hit it. And you can count on it coming up again and again.

Instead, focus on the path you want to choose. The Fire Starter Sessions have been a huge catalyst for me and if you’re looking for accountability, a method to cut through the noise and access your own zone of genius, the Sessions may be perfect for you tooLearn more here.

What you focus on will become real, so focus on what you want. Keep your eyes on it, and also on the now so you can take clear action towards your goals.