Scheduling System Essentials

It’s been a while since I gave you a tech tip and this one is essential if you’re using an online scheduling system like Calendly or Acuity.

This is something that even pros can easily forget to do… people who have been in business for years miss this key step in connecting with clients.

When you use an online scheduling system like Calendly or Acuity, you’ve got to tell people what the next step is. Do they call you? Do you call them? Are you using Skype or Zoom for your session?

Remove the mystery and tell people exactly how you will connect.

When you do this, you will look and feel so much more professional, and they will feel taken care of and supported.

How do you tell them? In the appointment confirmation email and the reminder email. Make it very clear that you will call them or they will call you.

Don’t assume that it’s already set up. Head over to your scheduling system right now and make sure your confirmation email and your reminder email both tell people the next step in connecting with you. They’ll be so grateful you did!

Which scheduling system should you use?

Great question. I always recommend using the one that works for you! So, test them both and choose the one you like. I use Acuity, but Calendly is good too.

  • Both include reminder emails
  • Both allow you to embed the calendar on your website, like this
  • Acuity allows you to accept payment through PayPal or Stripe

They both offer a free trial, so try them out and use the one you like best.


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