How long does it take to recover from extreme and intense burnout? It all depends on how long you’ve been “doing” and how hard you’ve been pushing the “doing.”

For me, it took 8 months. And I’m only now starting to feel alive again.

recovering from burnoutYou may have noticed my subtle (and some not-so-subtle) posts and comments about feeling burned out and exhausted. But…it’s not what you think.

In this entrepreneurial space, burnout = time to make massive change and take action in our business. Clearly, something is “wrong” and we need to “do” something about it, right?

Now that I’m starting to recover, I can tell you this: we need way less “doing” and way more “feeling.”

Sure, we can have goals. But what about soul-goals?

This goes against the grain but stay with me here: instead of taking action all the time, what about slowing down and focusing on feeling again? Feeling aligned. Feeling good. Feeling joyful. Feeling alive. Feeling free, not obligated.

When it comes to burnout, we automatically assume that our business burned us out – but what if that’s not the case?

For me, burnout showed up differently. My business has taken care of me throughout this season, and I’m so grateful.

But my burnout stemmed from stresses in my personal life. Besides intense personal stress, I have lost two precious pets in the last year. The grief is overwhelming.

Utterly overwhelming.

But I’m recovering. I’m finally able to get through a day without the telltale signs of grief and exhaustion. I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way and, even if it’s an unpopular opinion, I’ve experienced firsthand what quitting the “doing” addiction and putting the feeling first has done for me.

My recovery began when I started declaring what I want, and taking action to get it.

That’s it. I say what I want. I don’t do things I don’t want to do. I’m taking control of my life.

It’s not easy. It can feel selfish to say what you want. Feelings can get hurt, but when I worried too much about other people’s feelings and not enough about my own, I suffered. And other people suffered. That’s not generous or considerate.

(There are kind ways to say what you want, and I strive to be rooted in kindness.)

I know a lot of us have been feeling a little “off” this year. We thought it would be great. For me, in many ways, it hasn’t. But this change… this recovery, is everything I need.

Some big changes

As an act of self care and self love, I’m making some big changes.

I’m moving to Portugal in late September. Alone. (Well, I’m bringing one cat.) I’m going to have an apartment and a metro pass and sunshine and fresh food. I’m going to learn to surf.

These changes are the right ones for me. Moving to Portugal might not be the right change for you. 😉 But you have to start saying what you want! You have to.

It’s hard. I know. It’s scary. Yes. But this is your life. You only get one. You don’t want to look back and wonder what would have happened if…

Besides my metro pass and sunshine, I’ll also keep one more thing going: my business. She has been my steady friend, serving me well by serving my clients through their tech (and otherwise) issues.

I want to keep the momentum in your business going steady as we move into the fall so I’m opening up my monthly Ask Me Anything webinars for everyone. You can join us live at noon Eastern on the first Wednesday of the month and ask me anything. (more details here)

And if you’re thinking about making some big changes in your life, let’s connect. As a Fire Starter Facilitator, I can help you declare what you want and start taking steps in the direction of your personal and professional goals, re-creating and re-calibrating so they shine in alignment with your soul!

The Fire Starter Sessions have got me through the hardest times this year and, as your sherpa to the top of YOUR mountain, I can guide you and get you where you need to be faster, with greater clarity. Sign up here.