The Real Reason I’m Doing the Manifesting Challenge

I know a lot of people are promoting Denise Duffield-Thomas’ 5-day Manifesting Challenge, and I am too.

They’re going to tell you about all the awesome stuff they’ve manifested with her system. I have that story too. But this time, I’m doing the challenge for a different reason.

As you might know, I’ve had a tough couple of months. The beginning of the year has been hard on a lot of people and then I lost my best dog a month ago and I’m sad.

So I’m not doing the manifesting challenge to manifest more cash or clients.

Those are always nice, and it does work for that. I’ve done it. It works! (You can sign up here.)

But this time, I’m doing the challenge simply for the mindset shift that happens whenever I work with Denise.

She helps me shift to a place of abundance and positivity, and I just need to be in that space for a while.

While I could talk about all the awesome stuff I’m going to manifest this year (like U2 tickets), I’m doing this challenge because I need to think about something fun and positive.

Don’t worry…. I’m not depressed.
I’m not thinking about sad things all the time.
I’m not working myself to death.

I’m taking good care of myself, doing lots of yoga, and trying to live in the moment.

But when I do a manifesting challenge (or anything with Denise), I get to do something that’s actually fun, not just work-fun, but fun-fun.

Silly, talk-to-yourself-in-the-mirror fun.
Repeat lucky mantras fun.
Manifest awesome stuff together fun.

But for me, it’s not about the “stuff” this time. It’s about the mindset. I’m going to manifest joy and pleasure and gratitude.

If you’re having a tough time right now (and even if you aren’t), I hope you’ll join me. Let’s manifest awesomeness together!

Sign up here

(If you join her challenge using my link, I might earn a commission from Denise if you purchase any of her programs.)

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