A Quick Reality Check for Your Business » Terra Milo

Reality checks are sometimes scary, but they are incredibly helpful for your business.

The other day, I was talking with a client about why she didn’t have as many people sign up for her event as she wanted.

She’s incredible and her work deserves to be seen and experienced.

So she asked me if she’s too late to the party or if she’s not meant to do this, or … what happened? Why didn’t people sign up.

I said we needed to look at the reality of the situation. Thankfully, she was grateful for my offer to get honest.

Here’s what happened:

  • She made 1 post on Instagram and Facebook
  • The post was heavy on details and light on benefits
  • It said “go to my website” to sign up but the event was hard to find on the homepage. People had to work for it and they didn’t.

That was the reality.

It’s not that she isn’t good at what she does or that she missed the opportunity to enter this space. It’s that she only promoted the event once and people had to work hard to sign up.

I’ve done this too!

Omg I’ve done it so many times. I don’t promote something enough and then I have a broken heart when no one says yes.

Our solution was three-fold:

  • We pushed back the date
  • Wrote several new social media posts that emphasized benefits
  • Made it easier to find on the website

For live events, I like to promote for 7-10 days. That gives people time and opportunity to see your offer, realize they need it, and take action.

They’ll normally show up at the last minute, it’s true. But our job is to give them a chance to see the invitation.

The way social media works these days means you have to repeat yourself several times.

If people don’t show up after you’ve made it super clear and easy for them to sign up, then you can reflect on the messaging, the audience, or the offer.

But get honest about whether or not your ideal client could have seen the offer, or was it hard to find?

Your action step

When you promote something and you say “check out my homepage for details,” make sure it’s on your homepage.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and walk through the steps of signing up for your offer. Is it clear and easy?

Of course, I’m always here to offer a review and a reality check for you.

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