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After my photoshoot a few months ago, I shared some photoshoot tips in a group of entrepreneurs and on my blog

One of my best tips is to make a folder in Instagram called “pose like this.” You can save photos you love in that folder and then pull it out for inspiration when you have your photoshoot.

So I shared this screenshot of my “pose like this” folder in a Facebook Group and another woman shared a screenshot of her similar folder. 

The trouble is, all the photos in her folder featured a cute blonde.

Obviously I have nothing against cute blondes. ;) 

I’m pretty sure this is normal – to look at people who look like us for inspiration.

But one way to be more inclusive in your brand, your business, your life, your community, your mind, is to look to people who don’t look like you for inspiration. 

See the beauty and the strength in them. Be inspired by them. Connect with them and follow them.

I hope you make a “pose like this” folder and I hope it features some diversity. 

Let’s all try to infuse some diversity into our “think like this” and “love like this” and “live like this” folders too.

P.S. I’m not perfect. I thought about messaging the woman to encourage her to include some diversity and I didn’t. I was scared. It’s time to not be scared anymore and speak up. I know that and I’ll try to do better.

Accounts that are included in this screenshot:


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