Let’s get real here for a second: you know that Facebook ads are your best marketing tool — but creating them, tracking them and actually converting from them feels like a long, drawn-out process with very little return on investment.

You’ve seen your entrepreneurial friends throw money at Facebook ads with nothing to show for it and success in the Facebook ads universe seems to be reserved for the Gina DeVees and Marie Forleos of the world.

You already have to be on social media 24-7 to grow your business and your limited budget means you only have a few chances at nailing down your ideal target audience, writing killer ad copy, crafting an engaging graphic that Facebook will actually accept AND that pulls your audience’s attention —

And then there’s the ever-mysterious, always changing, PITA Power Editor that has foiled many an entrepreneur before.

Honestly, you feel like the odds are stacked against you and, at this point, making your way through the Power Editor and actually creating a great ad that converts into sales seems like such a pipe dream, you just want to hit snooze and hit up Netflix.

You could do that. Or you could master your fears, empower yourself and take charge of your marketing dollars.

With a couple of bite-sized lessons and neat hacks I’ve tapped into over the course of my Facebook marketing successes, I’ll show you how you can leverage the most effective online marketing tool out there today.

Hey, it’s generating a whole group of entrepreneurs moolah already — so why shouldn’t you be one of them?

I’ve been there.

I struggled through Facebook ads — “struggle” is absolutely the right word for it.

Narrowing in on my target audience, writing copy that would not only resonate with my audience but actually get accepted by Facebook’s guidelines, choosing an eye-catching and powerful image…and doing all this in the finicky Power Editor. Phew!

I should’ve just learned it but, instead, I bought a tool to help take away the mystery of setting up an ad, who and how to target and the black hole that is the Power Editor.

And what happened?

After spending over $300 just to handle the technical side of making Facebook ads, I realized this was one relationship in my life that was no longer working. I was giving way more to it than it was returning to me. And, what’s worse, besides the money I was shelling out for the tool, I also had to have money aside for actually running the ads!

Enough was enough. I decided to get smart and put the control (and my money) back in my hands. I dove in and, step-by-step, figured it out for myself.

With what I learned and mastered, I stopped outsourcing my ads, quit that tool and I funneled that money into my ad budget instead!

And now I’m going to demystify Facebook ads for you through bite-sized lessons that will give you the tools and know-how you need.

No more struggling through it.
No more giving up.
No more wasting your ad revenue on people that don’t convert.

You became a coach…to coach people, right?

You didn’t become a coach to try and read countless marketing articles, cloud your head with Facebook podcasts, and spend your energy studying trends and changes.

That’s my job.

You should be doing the work that lights you up and leaving the tech stuff to me! I’m here to turn something as intimidating and confusing as Facebook ads into something you can work with and win with in your business.

My goal is to get you to a place where this course pays for itself! With short videos and easy-to-follow lessons, we’ll sift through all those Facebook do’s and don’ts and turn it into ads that convert.

What You’ll Learn

Want to start turning Facebook clicks into dollars? In just 7 short, powerful lessons, you’ll master the the perfect Facebook ad and you’ll see why Facebook ads are the strongest tool in your marketing arsenal right now.

Get ready to learn:

  • The anatomy of a high-converting Facebook ad & legitimate list-building techniques
  • The difference between “hot” and “cold” traffic and how the Facebook Pixel lets you interact with each
  • How to write killer copy that will have your target audience opting in to your list (and the most common mistakes to avoid)
  • How to decide on a “sweet-spot” budget: spending enough that your ads actually convert but not so that you’re just throwing money out a moving car
  • Strategies for early and rapid testing so that you’re spending money getting your ad in front of people who are going to make that purchase — CHA-CHING!
  • The nitty-gritty of how audience insights give you the feedback you’re looking for to dig deep and get even more specific with your target audience
  • The techniques to retargeting with Facebook Pixel set up (and why this is the most powerful way to make a guaranteed sale!)

How It Works

In Facebook Ads 101, you’ll learn

  • Foundations: key terms, the difference between “hot” and “cold” traffic, strategy, and more
  • How to install your Facebook Pixel on both a WordPress and non-Wordpress website
  • Writing stellar copy: what works like gangbusters, signs of “blah” copy, and what you need to do to speak your audience’s’ language!
  • Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from what works with detailed examples of eye-catching ads and ideas you can use to make your ads stand out
  • Digestible, informative video trainings for each module
  • My strategic testing practices you can use to ensure that you’re converting, not throwing money away
  • How to set up a foolproof follow-up sequence and what to do after your ads are successful so you can turn leads into clients

In Advanced Facebook Ads, you’ll learn

  • Audience Insights and how to use this tool to build customized, personalized audiences that are just waiting to hear from you
  • How to analyze your ad results, create custom analysis reports, and what to do with your new knowledge
  • How to put the tool of “retargeting” to work for your business so your ads result in actual sales!

I’m dedicated to your Facebook ad success for the long-run.

We’re in it to win it, right?

We all know Facebook likes to change things — and constantly! So you’ll gain access to all future video trainings and updates in the course that occur every time Facebook changes its ad interface.

Why Now?

You need this now if…

You are frustrated with your slow list growth — especially because it seems like every other entrepreneur out there has made it!
You’re tired of holding back because Facebook Ads feel too scary.
You have no idea what the Power Editor is, but you know you need it and you also need to know it needs to be your newfound friend.

If that sounds like you, you need this course. We’re going to take it step-by-step so we can overcome those fears and start creating high-converting Facebook ads.

When you’ve gone as far as you can with social media posts, it’s time to take it to the next level and use ads to grow your email list and your reach. This course will show you how.

This is for you if you

  • Are ready to experience some real list growth and start making actual sales using Facebook ads
  • Can put in the work and time required to craft an effective Facebook ads strategy (after all, this is your business)
  • Wish to empower yourself and kickstart the growth of your business using this proven online marketing tool
  • Want to get in on the ground level of something that has worked for countless other entrepreneurs in bringing in actual sales
  • Are dedicated to spending a little time every day to learn a new aspect of Facebook ads
  • Are keen on understanding how powerful the Audience Insight information Facebook gives you truly is and how to leverage that for your business growth
  • Have a marketing budget, no matter how modest and a will to learn, test, and TAKE ACTION

This is NOT for you if

  • You want to spend money you could be putting into your ad budget on someone to run your ads for you
  • You’re okay with giving up control of your marketing dollars
  • You don’t have 15 – 20 minutes a day to work your way through 7 comprehensive lessons and video trainings
  • You can’t be bothered to know the difference between warm and cold traffic and how to make these two concepts work for you
  • You would rather troll the Internet for hours at a time and cobble together a “Facebook ads marketing strategy”

What’s Included

I’ve got 7 jam-packed lessons for you where we’re going to dive deep and make Facebook ads work for you.

Each lesson includes a video training where we’ll walk through every aspect of the lesson and then you’ll hop to the homework.

Like anything, if you do the work, take action and do the homework, you’ll see results.

I’ve created this course to be your one go-to resource to navigate the ins and outs of Facebook ads so you’ll have lifetime access to the training. Now only can you return and watch and implement my techniques at any time, you’ll also get access to all future course updates.

When there’s a major update to the Facebook ads interface, pop in to the course to find an updated video lesson or course material!


Facebook ads is so much more than simply a stroll inside of the Power Editor. A truly successful ad relies on powerful copy to convert. So, as a bonus, you’ll receive writing tips and my Grammar Cheatsheet so your ad copy stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Again, I’m going all in — I want to be with you for the long run! So, you’ll also get access to my wildly popular, signature AMA Membership so you can “Ask Me Anything”!

This is literally like having me, your tech guru, in your back pocket, as you travel the world of Facebook ads and even online marketing in general! Ask me about ads, newsletters, websites, social media, even deeper coaching questions like what to do when you’re feeling burned out!

The AMA Membership monthly calls put your burning questions and confused moments within my reach. You can ask anything and see a live demo of how it works at no extra cost to you. (value: $468)

The AMA Membership gives you access to my Webinar Stack of 6 high-value mini-courses that teach you everything from scheduling systems, creating newsletter content and crafting a winning Opt-In Freebie to creating an editorial calendar. (value: $39)

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I’ll see you in there!

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