When people talk about passive income, like you get to sit back on the beach and the money just flows in, it sounds great, right?

But I actually like working with people. I like working 1:1 and teaching people through small courses.

Of course, I want a little extra “passive” income, a little padding in my bank account, but I also want to serve my clients who want that 1:1 support.

My email sequence makes this happen for me! It’s constantly bringing me new clients and a bit of passive income through my courses.

If you want to make a little extra cushion… that passive income, I suggest email sequences as the best and easiest way to make that happen in your business. That’s why I created a course for you all about how to create email sequences.

You’ll see exactly how I write my emails and plug them into my system so that they send automatically as a sequence. (It may not sound sexy, but it creates so much space and abundance in my business and I’m so excited to share this with you!)

Creating an email sequence is awesome because it makes writing emails easy and it’s constantly delivering really valuable content to all of your new subscribers. That’s a win for your business and your subscribers!

In this course, I’m going to teach you the first five emails of a welcome sequence. You’ll learn how to write those emails strategically so you can welcome your new subscribers and make them feel like they’re in the right place.

So you’re going to learn writing content strategy.

And of course, you’re also going to learn the techie side of email sequences too!

You’ll also learn how to plug your email sequence into your tools — MailChimp, ConvertKit, or MailerLite. (Those are the tools that I recommend for people when they’re just starting out, so I’ll show you how to plug your new email sequence into those tools.)

Now I have to tell you, I plug every email into an email sequence, which essentially means that I’m always delivering valuable content but I’m also constantly launching courses (without the stress of a launch).

I have several mini-courses sprinkled throughout my sequence so I’m always launching. I’m always inviting people to work with me 1-on-1.

This strategy also means that if I don’t write an email for a couple of weeks, my subscribers are taken care of. They’re still going to get an email because it’s in a sequence.

It also takes care of me and my business because it’s always bringing in new clients.

It’s taking care of both of us — my clients and my business!

So I’m going to help you make it easy so you can actually do it. You’re going to get some content-writing strategies and you’re also going to get the techie side of how to actually plug this into your tools and make it work.

If you want to work with me 1:1 to write your emails or actually plug your sequence into your tools, you can do that too! Simply upgrade and sign up to work with me one-on-one in addition to getting the course.

I’ve done this with several people and in that 1 hour, we’re going to bang out these emails. By the time we’re done, you’re going to have three or four emails ready to go to plug into your sequence!

With the course, you’ll also get a swipe file of my welcome sequence so you can see some of the key language I use to welcome people to my business. They get to know me, my values, my style, and they also get valuable content for their own business. You can deliver the goods too, and I’ll show you how!

Get all the details here and I’ll see you in the course.

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