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I can help you create a powerful business that is impactful, and long-lasting.

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    Marketing Strategy | Business Analysis | Project Management

    Hi, I’m

    Terra Milo

    I work with businesses to create strong, sustainable brands.
    (Sustainable means environmentally responsible but also long-lasting.)

    Why me?

    I’m good at stepping into your clients’ shoes and understanding their needs and desires.

    I totally nerd out about spreadsheets, organization, analysis, and efficiency. I’m obsessed with simplifying things to save you time and money.

    And I’m a problem solver. I see holes that are losing you clients, and opportunities that you didn’t know existed.

    My intuitive, thoughtful approach makes me fun to work with.

    See for yourself.

    About Me

    I’m passionate about sustainability and empowering people who help make the world a better place.
    And I walk the walk. 

    Work with Me

    I’ll research the marketing trends so you can stick to what you’re good at. Together, we’ll create something simple and actionable to help your business succeed.

    Let's talk

    The quickest way to find out if we’re a good fit is to talk. I’d love to know more about your business and you’ll learn about my style.

    The Blog

    A fresh new website for Dana’s relaunch

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a big project for my very first and longest-lasting client and I’m so proud of the results! She wanted to relaunch her business with a new look and a new program. She came to me and said, “I feel like my website is stale...

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    Why I love Smarterqueue for Social Media Scheduling

    Do you use a social media scheduling tool? At first, I resisted scheduling my social media posts because we all want to be spontaneous and authentic, right? But authentic doesn't have to be spontaneous. And coming up with something brilliant every day is a lot of...

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    My favorite course creation tool

    When we're ready to create an online course or membership program, we have to decide where to host it -- which tool to use for all of our transformational content. My recommended choice is the Zippy Courses Plugin on a Wordpress website. It's actually the only reason...

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    How to Host a Transformational Online Workshop

    Do you want to host transformational online workshops? ✨⁣ You know you can inspire and motivate people to make real changes in their lives and you want to reach the masses with your transformational work. Hosting online workshops is great for you (hello,...

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    The best way to add images to your website

    If you want to make sure your website is fast, Pinnable, and ranks high in search engines, this post is for you! This is something I talk about every time I teach people how to create their website, or how to add blog posts, or even make simple changes to a website....

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    You don’t need a dude for this

    "My husband will build my website." or "My son will make my website." ⁣ I hear this all the time… women turning to men because as a society, we program people to think that men are good at technology and women are good at emotions. ⁣ It's not true! ⁣ ⁣You can learn...

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