apple store

I went to the Apple Store yesterday to ask a “stupid question.” Do you ever do that… ask a computer person what you think is a stupid question? I gotta tell you something, there are no stupid questions.

Trust me. I was asking the guy where all my pictures are. (No really. I mean, I can see them, but where are they?)

You see, I’m not a Mac user. I’ve had my Mac for about a year, but there are some things that still confuse me.

It’s the same with entrepreneurs. You have to have a website, write a blog, send newsletters. These are things you’ve probably never done before. They’re not easy! If you have never been an online entrepreneur before, how would you know how to do this stuff? It’s tricky and overwhelming.

So go easy on yourself. Be gentle. There ARE no stupid questions.

P.S. the Apple Genius was really sweet and spent about 40 minutes helping me wrap my PC brain around the iCloud. He never made me feel stupid. That’s my commitment to you. I might make things look easy, but I’ll never make you feel stupid.

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