Everyone is talking about the “word of the year” for 2016. Will your “word” be abundance, alignment, energy, or something else?

​I have NO idea what my word is for 2016. But I know for sure what 2015 was all about!

For me, 2015 was all about the chakras. Early this year, I took a course about the chakras from Alexis of Chakredy. I learned how to do chakra assessments, which I turned into The Chakra Shift.

chakra shiftThose Chakra Shift sessions have been near to my heart, as I helped one woman find love within herself. I helped another woman find her voice in relationships. I helped a fellow coach open up her throat chakra and speak her truth (and get 16 clients as a result). And I helped a good friend to have the strength to follow her purpose.

The chakras are an amazing force of energy that is within you and your magical self! Open them up and you will feel alive and whole and true. You will feel creative, confident, and loved.

So, my word for 2015 is chakras.

Tell me in the comments… what was your word for 2015 or what is your word for 2016?