Right now, as I’m writing this, my domain is lost in space and everything feels swirly to me.

You see, I’m in the process of removing the “computergirl” from my domain so that all of me — terramilo — is in one place. Something happened though, and terramilo is gone!

So where does that leave me?

My domain is me. It’s my home, my center, my solar plexus.

I connect the solar plexus chakra to your website. The solar plexus chakra is the center of your personal power, and your website is where it all happens. It’s your home base… your power center.

in spaceSo while my buddies at GoDaddy are troubleshooting and trying to find out where terramilo went, I feel a little lost. What does that mean for ME? Why is computergirl intact but terramilo is lost? We don’t know where she is or how she’ll behave when she returns. Will she be on WordPress or Weebly? Will I be able to log in and make changes?

She’ll be a little banged up when she does return. I’ll have to fix some links, fiddle with passwords, and update autoresponders. Until that gets done, I won’t feel confident putting her out there into the world. I don’t want people to see those scratches. She will be strong and seamless when she is relaunched in all her glory.

As my domain is wandering the universe, I wonder about your website. Does it make you feel confident and powerful? Do you feel balanced and even a little expansive when you think about her potential? How does your energy feel on your website?

Tell me in the comments… does your website make you feel confident or does it hold you back? How can you expand your solar plexus and reclaim your power?