My Poolside Chat with the Business Babes » Terra Milo

I have a pretty juicy story for you today.

In December, I went on a business-focused retreat in Tenerife. I was teaching technology and marketing, of course, but there was also time to catch some sun by the pool and socialize.

On the second day, I met a couple guys from Britain who were doing the same thing my group was doing, taking a holiday to get away from busy life and plan their business for the next year. My friend met them earlier that day so we walked over together and struck up a conversation. It went a little like this:

“Hey, so what’s your funnel?”

“A free webinar with an invitation to a breakthrough call. What’s yours?”

“We offer a free trial of our program. If they’re a good fit, we invite them to join.”

“Cool cool. So who is your ideal client?”


I’ll spare you the full transcript, but it was such a funny/nerdy exchange that only entrepreneurs would have by the pool. We talked about funnels, marketing tools, customer avatars, and coaching philosophies the way other people might talk about the food or countries they’ve visited.

I hung out with them later in the week and one of them asked me what I think is the key to a good marketing strategy. Without hesitation, I said “consistency.”

That’s it! The key is consistency.

It’s not a specific website template, not a strategy or a “blueprint” I can sell you. It’s consistency.

Keep contacting your warm network. Keep talking to people. Keep posting your content. Keep sending that newsletter.

Consistency does a few things for you:

  • Reminds people you exist
  • Shows them that you’re in it for the long haul
  • Keeps you focused so you can avoid shiny object syndrome

My key takeaway from our conversation: the best way to grow your business is to be consistent.

Do you agree? Message me and let me know how you would have responded to his question about good marketing strategy.