my favorite monkeys (2)It’s the year of the Fire Monkey! The monkey is a smart, mischievous, curious, clever, and vigilant animal. And we must be smart, playful, curious, clever, and dedicated to our business in order to reach our goals, right?

This is our year! Woohoo!!

Have you noticed how many of our online tools are related to monkeys? Why is that? I guess because monkeys are playful and friendly. Maybe they’re meant to convey ease and joy.

Works for me!

Here are my 2 favorite monkeys, plus another one you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

My Favorite Monkey #1: Picmonkey

Picmonkey is my favorite image-editing online app. You can use your own pictures and add text or graphics. Here’s why I love it:

  • it’s free (I’ve upgraded to the paid version because they made a good tool and deserve to be paid, and it’s only $33 per year)
  • you can have a transparent background
  • great for creating graphics
  • tons of cool fonts
  • their overlays (little graphics like hearts and stars) are cute

The downside: you can’t save your work. But it’s usually pretty easy to re-create.

I love graphic design tools because they help us express our creativity, which is connected to our sacral chakra. I don’t feel very creative, but Picmonkey never makes me feel like an underachiever.

My Favorite Monkey #2: MailChimp

Ok, chimpanzees are technically apes, but I’m sure you can forgive me.

MailChimp is an easy newsletter service that integrates with PayPal and a TON of other tools to make your life easy. It’s my first recommendation to new coaches because it’s so easy to learn and you’ll be growing your list and sending newsletters in no time!

With MailChimp, you can have lists (the key to a successful business is your list), newsletters, autoresponders, and opt-in boxes on your website! This little monkey …er, chimp… makes it super simple to grow your online biz.

My favorite feature is how easily it integrates with PayPal so that when someone buys your online product – your course or detox program, for example – they will automatically be added to the correct list in MailChimp. Some people would tell you to pay Zapier $20 per month to integrate, but you don’t have to! In fact, I’ve made a free course (a 9-minute video) that shows you exactly how to integrate them and automate your programs. Get the course here.


Keep an eye on this one: Countdown Monkey

This monkey can help you launch a course or opt-in with some urgency to get people to take action sooner.

It puts a timer on the webpage so that if you have an “act fast” 24 hour deal and someone lands on that page, they only have 24 hours to buy your course. Countdown Monkey keeps track of that for you, and makes sure the price goes up after 24 hours.

Countdown Monkey promises to boost conversions AND it works on any site – not just WordPress.

That’s a cool monkey!

Your turn!

Have you met these monkeys? Which one is your favorite and how do you use it in your business?