My favorite course creation tool » Terra Milo

When we’re ready to create an online course or membership program, we have to decide where to host it — which tool to use for all of our transformational content.

My favorite tool for creating online courses (it's not what you think)

My recommended choice is the Zippy Courses Plugin on a WordPress website. It’s actually the only reason I’m sticking with WordPress.

Here’s a tour of how I use the Zippy Courses Plugin to onboard my 1:1 clients and also offer courses.

Why the Zippy Courses Plugin?

I’ve seen soooooo many course platforms (Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Memberium, …) and for me, Zippy is the best in terms of cost, design, and flexibility.

With a one-time fee, you can have

  • unlimited courses
  • your own domain
  • a simple, gorgeous theme
  • unlimited students
  • a checkout page
  • instant access to payments (it uses Stripe, PayPal, and more) without taking a commission
  • videos, pdfs, audio files
  • quizzes
  • progress tracking
  • launch windows
  • drip feeds or all access – your choice for each course
  • integration with your email program to send welcome emails, etc

I really can’t say enough good things about this tool. In fact, when I bought it, I immediately tweeted the creator and told him how grateful I was for thinking of everything and making it so simple and beautiful.

@derekhalpern Gotta tell you, Derek, every time I try something new in Zippy Courses, I say “wow.” You guys did this right!— Terra Milo (@terramilo) September 30, 2015

Yeah, I’ve been using it since 2015 and I still love it. No shiny object syndrome here!

I honestly don’t know what it can’t do.

I often see people saying “I made $100,000 on my course hosted on Kajabi” (or wherever).

That’s because of great marketing, not the tool! You can make $100,000 on Zippy too, if you promote your course to people who want to buy it.

Let’s compare online course tools

(basic plan $29/month)
(basic plan $110/month)
Zippy Courses

(1-time fee $199)
# of courses you can haveunlimited3*unlimited
transaction fees5%*nonenone
# of students you can haveunlimited1,000*unlimited
when you get paidafter 1 month*immediatelyimmediately

*pay extra to change this

My hands-down recommendation for course creation is the Zippy Courses Plugin. I’ve even helped people install and set up their first course. Then, I show them how to use it and they’re off selling courses and serving clients.

And they’re excited about it!

Keep it simple

So if you want to keep it simple and focus on the content while having an amazing tool, check out the Zippy Courses Plugin. (Not an affiliate! I just love it.)

And book a call with me if you want some help getting it designed and set up. That’s right… I’ll set it up for you and then teach you how to use it!

Note: Zippy only works with WordPress. If you’re using Squarespace or Wix, you might look at Memberspace (for Squarespace), Teachable, or Thinkific.

(There’s a separate Zippy Courses tool. I prefer the Plugin because it’s much cheaper and does everything with such ease, you don’t need the other one.)