I’ve mentioned this in passing a few times but such a big event deserves a story.

I moved to Portugal!

It all started at the beginning of the year. I was going through a lot of stress in my personal life. The weight of my family’s budget rested on my business, which was doing ok, but I’m no millionaire. Then, my dog passed away. For me, that was the final straw. I had lost my cat Lemon a few months prior, and they were my heart and my strength. The weight of their loss was intense.

To say I was burned out is to put it lightly, but that’s what we’ll call it. Burnout (times 10 plus grief).

I began to see that this burnout was a sign that I wasn’t taking care of myself. At all. I was taking care of everyone else, as women do, and it just wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t think straight. I was forgetting things. My SELF started slipping away.

What did I do? After seeing a friend post about her weight loss results at a new gym, I went with her. I didn’t need to lose weight. I just needed to move my body and get out of bed in the morning. So I joined the gym. The very expensive gym. The one where they charge you extra if you miss a class. Now that’s accountability!

After a few months of going to the gym, I started noticing that I just didn’t fit in that life anymore. I needed a massive change.

I’ve always wanted the experience of living in Europe. I’m a traveler with an intense case of cabin fever, like all the time. And I had been in the same place for waaaaaay too long.

I started looking for places to live, first in Central and South America (where it’s warm), but the bugs were too scary. Then I looked at Portugal. It’s #3 on the Global Peace Index and it’s on the water. I was craving peace and water. Perfect!

I took a quick trip to Portugal to check it out, make sure I could buy food, and test my new “self” for a few days. Can the new Terra do this?

Yes. She could and she did! (All that work at the gym made me strong in every way possible.)

Then, I bought a one-way ticket to Lisbon. I just did it! With butterflies in my stomach, I jumped!

Throughout all of this, I also kept my eye on the signs to be sure I was doing the right thing. Was I making the right choice or was this a crazy side-effect of my burnout? The signs were there. Obstacles were being removed. Everything in my life said “Yes. Go. Now.”

Soon after I got the ticket and started really making plans, the light came back on. I felt excited and alive again. A long-lasting client and friend said, “Terra’s back!”

It’s true. I had come back from the depths.

Late September, I packed my clothes and my cat Imogen and we boarded a plane to Lisbon. On the other side, my Airbnb hostess picked us up from the airport and showed me around the city. My new home.

I’m in love! In love with my life, my home, my business, my lifestyle, everything. But mostly I’m in love with myself.

To be completely honest, I’ve never understood the self-love movement. That self-love thing wasn’t something I had. But I have it now! I listened to what I needed, what my soul was craving, what my heart was calling out for, and I took action.

This story doesn’t end with me becoming a self-love coach or a burnout recovery coach or anything like that. I’m still supporting entrepreneurs around marketing strategy and technology. But it’s ME again. I’m awake. I’m present. I’m showing up for myself and for you.

And I’m having a moving sale! I’ve been here 2 months and I can tell you, with both feet on the ground, that I can help you reach your Portugal.

You’re in business for a reason, but maybe something isn’t clicking. Something isn’t working. (That’s why you keep signing up for courses.) Maybe you’re not confident in your email newsletter or your welcome sequence. Maybe it’s your social media strategy. Maybe you want to launch something, but you’re stuck in overwhelm and you just need to make a plan and take action.

This moving sale is about getting you unstuck so you can move forward! It’s not so much about the technology as it is the strategy and the specifics. I won’t let you wonder and wander anymore without a plan like I was… just surviving, going through the motions.

I’m calling on you to stand up for yourself, for your business. It’s your time.

So let’s get clear on where you want to go and then let’s make a plan. Step by step, you’ll reach your goal, but you have to know what those steps are.

Your steps are different from mine, but my expertise is honing in on your business – who your clients are, what email topics are going to touch your readers, what social media strategy is not only possible but exciting for you to implement, what’s next for you business. I can see it from here.

After four years of being in business and learning some things the hard way, I’m here to hold you accountable so you can get unstuck. I believe in you, and I know the world needs you.

To take advantage of this moving sale, you can schedule a Business Strategy session with me here. We’re going to talk about what’s next for your business and how to get there. In one hour, you will find clarity and walk away with a specific plan. No technology teaching involved. This is about strategy and action.

I know you’ve signed up for courses and maybe you’re feeling a little tapped out. But this is you and me, one-on-one, getting things done!

Book your session here and take advantage of the moving sale. I’ve got 5 spots open for this before the price goes up. The price is $159 for the first 5 people. Then it goes up to $197.

This is a powerful session. I’ll do my homework beforehand so we can make the most of our time. (If you want a quick chat before you jump in, you can book that here.)

Do it. Do your version of moving to Portugal. I’m here for you and we’re going to make it happen together.

P.S. Before I even posted this, someone took advantage of the offer. Here’s what she said, “Hi – I just booked my session for Monday! Let’s do this. Also, I want to know how you have Zoom set up automatically when someone books with you. That is AWESOME! Let me know if you want more time to review my stuff before we meet. I am super pumped about you helping me! I already feel better about my email game. 🙂

Can you feel her excitement and relief? We’re going to be reviewing her welcome sequence and creating an editorial calendar together. (I think I’m just as excited as she is! Book your session here.)