You may have noticed (if you subscribe to my newsletter) that I have recently moved back to MadMimi. But I suggest MailChimp to health coaches. I’d like to explain some of the differences and why I’ve chosen MadMimi.

Why MailChimp

I like MailChimp because it’s easy to learn and it integrates with PayPal.This is crucial if you’re running a detox or cleanse program, as many health coaches do. When people pay using PayPal, they are automatically added to the correct list in MailChimp.

(you can learn about that in one of my Autoresponders in MailChimp Lunch and Learn class)

They are constantly adding new options to make things even easier. Their most recent option is Templates. You can create a beautiful email and save it as a template to use later. It’s very convenient.

They also have a new feature where they’ll send your email at the optimal time for your audience. Ooh… that’s a good one!

MailChimp is a leader in email marketing and they also allow me to work on your account without having your login information. I really like that.

Why MadMimi

MadMimi is even easier to learn because it doesn’t have as many templates as MailChimp. I actually like this because when we have too many options, we can sometimes get frustrated or confused and give up. (They do have a lot of themes, which can get overwhelming, but they limit the template to a single column.)

MadMimi is so pretty. How do they do it?!

Their customer service is top notch. They created custom code for me to put a horizontal signup box on my health coaching website. I love them so much. (A good alternative to this horizontal box is Hellobar, which is free.)

But I moved back to MadMimi for the lists.

As with MailChimp, you can have as many lists as you want, but the key with MadMimi is that you can send the same email to all of those lists! With MailChimp, you can only send the email to one list at a time. You can combine lists, but I’m stubborn and I just didn’t want to. 😉 I’m selling ~20 online services (not just one or two cleanse programs) so it’s a lot more work to combine everything.

When I created my Quick and Easy Tech Tips as a new opt-in freebie, I decided that I want my current subscribers to have access to it too. I couldn’t find an easy way in MailChimp to send my newsletter to my current and my new list. So, I moved back to MadMimi.

But what about the PayPal integration? Well, with my health coaching business, the process is a little more manual. I have to manually add people to the list. (Or you can use ejunkie for $5 a month to integrate Paypal with Madmimi.)

This website is on WordPress, and I’m using the WP eStore plugin which integrates with MadMimi so everything is automatic.

So which one is best?

It is entirely up to you. I still suggest MailChimp to health coaches because of the easy integration with PayPal. It saves you SO MUCH time! I’m willing to do it manually for my health coaching clients because I’m not selling cleanses.

Which one do you like better? MailChimp or MadMimi? You can sign up for them both for free! (In fact, I strongly suggest signing up for both because they offer really great marketing tips.)

If you do sign up, use my affiliate link to save $30 with MailChimp.

Here’s my MadMimi link. I don’t know if you save anything.