This week, I’m sharing the two biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they run Facebook ads. Advertising your business is not cheap, and if you don’t get these two right, you’re wasting time and money.

The first mistake entrepreneurs make is not being specific enough. I covered that in this article.

The second mistake — and this is important — is failing to follow-up after you run your ads.

First, let’s talk about strategy.

You can run ads to “cold traffic”:

  • People who have likely never heard from you.
  • People who are probably not on your email list.

You can also run ads to “warm traffic.”:

  • People who have been to your website, or
  • People who are on your email list already.

This is called retargeting.

If you’re building your business though, you’re probably running ads to cold traffic so you can grow your list.

There are 3 ways to run Facebook ads:

  1. To free content with no opt-in required (like a blog post)
  2. To free content where opt-in is required (like an ebook, video series, or webinar)
  3. To a sales page (Don’t do this for cold traffic!)

Let’s say you decide to run ads to free content with an opt in, like a webinar or a free ebook. You invest in graphics, copy, and technical help to run your Facebook ads. You get new people on your email list. Then what?

It’s not just about the Power Editor — does your ad have follow-up content?

Then you’ve gotta email them! Like every week. You want to be in contact with them, consistently, so you can build a relationship and stay top of mind. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll think of you AND they’ll see your latest email in their inbox.

To cut down on your work and keep this contact consistent, the most successful entrepreneurs use a “welcome series” attached to every opt-in! After someone opts in, you’ll send them about 5-6 emails that “welcome” them to your world, your brand, and your biz.

You can make it simple by having one opt-in, or you can move people to a single welcome series after they’ve received their freebie.

What should your welcome series include? I’m glad you asked. Here’s how my welcome series looks. (Yours might look a little different.)

  1. Welcome, what to expect (weekly/bi-weekly emails)
  2. About me, plus another free gift
  3. Testimonial from a happy client
  4. An upsell (also known as a trip wire), like a $6 ebook or a $30 mini-course – something that’s a no-brainer purchase for them, and gets them in the habit of buying from you
  5. An invitation to work with you further

So, after you run your Facebook ads, you want to deliver your opt-in gift and welcome people to your circle, and get them to buy just a little something.

The key is to be consistent after that! The welcome sequence is great, but they need to keep hearing from you.

Need ideas for consistent content? I’ve got a FREE course for you! In just 30 minutes, you’ll come up with 6 months of newsletter content, and organize it into your own Editorial Calendar. Get it here. It’s your best chance at sending follow-up content and keeping your new subscribers engaged.

Don’t make these 2 Facebook ads mistakes. Always send consistent content, and be sure you’ve targeted your ads to the right people (read about that here).