Facebook ads are all the rage right now. I bet I see 3 ads every day about how to make Facebook ads!

It’s great to know how to do Facebook ads, and yeah, I’ve got a course about how to do the technical steps, but there are two HUGE mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to ads.

One is not having follow-up content to send people once you’ve advertised to them and gotten them on your email list (I wrote about that here, including a free mini-course to help you!).

The other mistake is not targeting the right people…because you don’t know who your people are!

I get it — everyone is a potential lead, right? You don’t want to exclude new business.

I know it’s scary to really drill down to your ideal client. You’re afraid you’ll lose people. Or you’ll be so specific that you won’t be able to find anyone, or there can’t possibly be that many people in my audience.

That’s fear talking. And lack. And it’s wrong.

There are enough people and they’re just waiting for you to speak directly to them.

And here’s the truth: if you’re selling pet-grooming services specifically for dogs, for example, why on earth would you waste your precious ad dollars to put your ad in front of people who own iguanas?

And here’s another reason why you need to get specific: resonance.

Let’s say, you offer XYZ product for introverted Scorpio women who love to travel. I’m reading the ad for that product and thinking, “oh my gosh! I didn’t even know I was looking for this! This is so me!”

See? It resonated with me.

So I’m going to be searching… SEARCHING your website for the Buy button because I want that thing! Yeah, it has to solve a problem, but you have spoken directly to me and I feel like you know me.

Let’s take a look at this in action, break down those numbers and see how many people would be in your target market.

I did a quick search on Facebook and found 60-70 million women who are introverted, a Scorpio, or love to travel. That’s so many people!

But the keyword there is OR. So let’s get specific.

There are 740,000 women in the US and Canada who have indicated an interest in Scorpio astrology. (I may or may not even be included in that number!)

There are 130,000 introverts.

And then there are 90 million people who are interested in travel, or actually do travel (Facebook tracks behaviors).

When I combine all of those — as in, AND, not OR — I get 3,500 people, which Facebook still says is fairly broad.

If you take out one of these, say Introverts, you’re left with 720,000 Scorpios who love travel. That’s more than enough people. So don’t be afraid to get really specific.

Get in your client’s head (and her heart), find out what she needs, create it, and then tell her about it! Facebook ads can help you with that last part, but you have to do the work to find out who she really is so you can speak directly to her.

So, think about your ideal client. How old is she? Single or married? Employed or entrepreneurial? Is she on a diet? What kind of car does she drive – sports car, eco, or mini van? Did she graduate from college? Does travel light her up? Or is she a home-body? Does she prefer cities, beaches, or mountains?

Get as specific as she can, until you can see her face sitting in front of you. Speak to her, and you’ll get the clients. Then, read this post about mistake #2 and start sending her consistent content.